By GimmeLaCoffee - United Kingdom - London
  Today, I finally brought a girl home from college. While I was making her some coffee, my roommate came down in her underwear, pretended to be my girlfriend, and asked if we were having a threesome. My date left before I could explain, and my roommate thinks it's fucking hilarious. FML
GimmeLaCoffee tells us more :
First off, yeah I was a bit pissed (cause, well, I was pretty excited..) but we do prank each other all the time so I'm laughing about it. Don't worry, I'll get my revenge! Also, its not because she is jealous/into me- like I said, we prank each other, and as for my roommate being in her underwear thats not unusual, we both do it and she is very free with her body. Personally I think its great she is so confident, which I respect (since it's made bloody hard for women these days). As for the lot of you who were like 'fuck her, she owes you' thats kinda sick. You don't 'owe' someone sex for anything, especially not a prank. However she really can't complain if I scare off her next date! Revenge prank ideas are welcome, I'm thinking chilli in her cereal for starters..
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By  yesmydear  |  7

suggested prank: next time she brings over a guy, pretend you are her BROTHER and ask him if he is there for a theesome .. that will not only scare him off but also start some nasty rumors :))

By  emmingle  |  24

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  Stuffaluffagus  |  25

I had a two guy threesome

  tbro47  |  23

Chill out people. Think about it like this when you get hurt you'd expect a friend to ask if you're alright, but you'd expect a best friend to laugh until they cried. The closer you are to someone the more you expect them to try to screw with you that's life and that's friendship. So yes I'd be expecting a roommate to screw around with my head because let's face it who's closer than someone that knows your bad habits and still chooses to live with you.