By Anonymous - Hong Kong
Today, my mum and I were walking down a road where we met an old neighbour who recently got divorced. Her son who we hadn't seen for about 10 years was with her and he looked very handsome. I said, "oh wow ! your son has grown up so much !" The woman replied, "this is my boyfriend." FML
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By  AlyshaDeShae  |  10

Wow . . . so, that is possibly an f*** his life, depending on how he feels about the situation, but it's definitely not an f*** her life! She's got a hot young man and her beck and call! :-D

Not really an f*** your life, either, because if it's anyone's it would be hers for dating someone her sons age, which I think is yucky, but I doubt she sees it that way.

So, yeah, I laughed, thank you!