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Today, I had a job interview. When I got there, the lady interviewing me shook my hand and said, 'Hello, I'm gay.' I found this strange and I didn't know what to say, so I stated, 'Aw, it's OK, I support you.' She looked pretty offended, and I realized why when I found out that her name was Gaye. FML
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I would've been confused too OP.

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You'd think someone named Gaye would be used to that reaction by now, and would introduce herself as "Gaye Smith", or "My name is Gaye. "


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HAHA fhl n fyl! It's probably not the 1st time she's heard it anyway.

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It's probably not the 1st time she has heard it anyway:p FHL for having such a confusing name.

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@20: And SDI (she deserved it) for getting offended when she should have known how it would sound. No fault of yours, OP.

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so let me guess now u work at a Gaye Bar

but shouldn't she realize how odd it might be to ppl introducing herself that way?

How can this be justified? How can a female be gay? OP, think before you speak

how can a female be gay? it's called a lesbian idiot

@madarchod and random210 Gay- (in addition to meaning happy and all that) is defined as homosexual. homosexual- 1. of, pertaining to, or exhibiting homosexuality. 2. of, pertaining to, or noting the same sex.

or just reply with "hi I'm sexual orientation" I'm sure no one will misunderstand that...

It wouldn't post the second half of my comment. I was just trying to say that gay is technically usable for both men and women. It is just that most people choose to think of gay as applying to only men.

#120 - Gay = Homosexual and Homosexual = involving sexual intercourse between persons of the same sex. Now two men can have sexual intercourse which is defined as an act of penetration, but two women cannot do that (unless they do with artificial means). This conclusively proves that women cannnot be gay, so English language coined another word to refer to them.

#159 - Please let me know when you plan to explain your theory to a room full of gay women, so I can be there to film them beating you.

#162 - You realize that it is a hypothetical situation and I believe in realism. So get out of your dream world.

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lesbians everywhere want to beat you with their ******.

159-I'm a gay woman and you couldn't be more wrong

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I would've been confused too OP.

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Yeah, if that were my name I would always make a point to say, "Hi, my name is Gaye."

I would say "How gay could it be? What is it?" Yeah, I am that socially awkward.

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If I were her I'd just be gay too or change my name. I mean comon with a name like that? that's like being named Dick and not having one.

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Well, people now are pretty open about their gayness and someone with a name like Gaye is a prime target for insults.

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#3..lmao....I totally agree, hope op made lots of copies!!!!!

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like she would of actually thought her name was Gaye.. that not the first thing most people think about when you here "I'm gay"

At least remember to wipe off your chin. Rude, much?

Morons. Morons would name their children that.

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I agree. Your children's names are the first gift a parent should give their kids. I've heard some messed up names and feel so sorry for that person.

it's probably her last name. you can't exactly choose it.

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It's probably a middle-aged woman or older. It was actually a common name; it didn't always mean what we take it to mean now so I doubt her parents even realized it.

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Older people have names like that. Male and female. Gaylord, Gaye, Gay, are all acceptable names. Remember when names like Marion, Beverly, Leslie, Ashley, Stacey were unisex names?

yeah some people come up with weird names. who was the first person to name their son Dick?

Considering gay originally meant 'happy/joyful' it's really not that weird of a name for a person to have.

I can't think of anyone who actually just named their kid Dick. It's usually a nickname for people with the name Richard. The real question is why would someone choose to go by a nickname that is not only slang for penis but is also an insult?

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#156 yeah it is and also as someone I think pointed out. the interviewer could have said her last name.

it is soo her parents fault. they should THINK before naming their kids names that sound awkward

uhm. my gram's name is gaynelle. it was popular then.

Theres many more names as well as Courtney, Corey, Sandy, etc.. Though I wouldn't think my name is very unisex. I've seen it happen though. :)

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You'd think someone named Gaye would be used to that reaction by now, and would introduce herself as "Gaye Smith", or "My name is Gaye. "

Yeah, I agree. Someone named 'Gaye' really should be prepared for this reaction. It's like automatically spelling your name when it's unusual. Firstly, she should be expecting it and word things accordingly, and secondly, she shouldn't be offended at a reaction I'll bet she's had a thousand times before. To be honest though, it's her last name, Sparklyvampire, that causes her the most problems...

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Your name is Gaye? I'm sorry to hear that, so is mine.

IKR?!?! FYL OP, she was ******' begging for it.

I agree with you... OP, it is not totally your fault, and she should not hold it against you. I hope you did not have the list of your interviewees beforehand, in which case YDI. I have known people with such names change the pronunciation so that it does not seem to be as confusing. Ms.Gaye could have pronounced her name with the "a" sounding like "Arbor" in "Ann Arbor" and the "e" in the end pronounced. It could have reduced the imminent confusion.

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I bet she was mad fun of a lot in school

damn. such an epic name! lol she's probably used to that lol

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I don't seeing girls calling themselves gay :s usually lesbians.

No, men call women lesbians. Women will refer to themselves as gay.

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I'm a guy, I call them gay...

At least now you're a memorable candidate. That only works in your favor if she's got a sense of humor though. Good luck!

lol I wouldve totally done the same! I feel u OP

you're feeling OP? that's grounds for sexual harassment right there....