By Shone - 15/04/2012 23:39 - Canada - Grand Forks

Today, I had to get stitches on my foot and was then forced to wear a plastic bag on my foot while showering. The plastic bag made me slip in the shower and had to go back and get stitches in my forehead. FML
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Do you have to wear a plastic bag on your head now?

DontClickOnMe 28

You should've tried and stuck your foot out of the shower. Oh well, but I hope you get better soon, OP!


DontClickOnMe 28

You should've tried and stuck your foot out of the shower. Oh well, but I hope you get better soon, OP!

bacon1043 3

That profile pic gives me nightmares

kwchambers92 10

Karma will make my first child look like that

JocelynKaulitz 28

Now wear that bag over your head with pride.

You should have just taken a bath, would have been safer.

BeatifulPenguin 4

No wait! There's more!!! After that, the plastic on OP's forehead caused them to stop thinking straight, then they thought they were Batman! The rest is a blur...

BeatifulPenguin 4

By the way, #44, that's not actually a horrible idea! In my opinion, you should do that, OP.

A good trick I did when I broke my toe was wear a larger sock over the bag. It kept the bag on, sealed at the top, but also made it so I didn't slip!

Do you have to wear a plastic bag on your head now?

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Dude it's called a reply button. Try it sometime. :)

BeatifulPenguin 4

Not necessarily kill him... It obviously put him in a whole bunch of pain though.

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Should have taken a bath, dumbass.

It's safer for OP obviously. But depending on the shower it wouldnt of been so bad. like mine has a detachable shower head, so I'd of washed my hair with that while my foot hung over.

yayforcheesecake 0

What do you think people did before running water? They took baths. They just did it regularly so they weren't filthy. Not everyone is as filthy as you. Take a shower fool.

No need to be so hostile. Control your anger, it was just a lousy comment.

Agreed 6. I just got finished having to do the same thing for seven weeks, and I never slipped once taking a bath.

Badab1ng 5

This is the perfect thread to market my new feet condoms...

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Condoms... For your feet?... Sir, where can I invest in some shares for this?

Omg good idea they could of worn an xl condom on their foot!!!!

petlover7598 7

It's a good idea as long as the condoms aren't lubed. Otherwise, many others will be in the same condition as OP.

RedPillSucks 31

I assume this so for people with a foot fetish? I guess it's not for me then.

Hopefully you learned your lesson, but still - ouch.

I once had a double-ER visit myself. When I was in elementary school, I went swimming in the pool outside. I was under water, and hit my head on the side of the pool coming up for air. I split my chin open and needed 6 stitches. Less than 24 hours later, I fell off a rock at my best friends house and broke my nose. They questioned me to make sure my parents weren't beating me XD

I also split my chin once! when I was about 6, we had these widow type things between two rooms in my house and I was standing in one of them and fell. I had to get stitches. one of my favorite stories to tell!! but that's the only time I had an ER visit... thank G-d!!

I also have a boring story about injuring myself! I was trailing off in a sentence and hoping nobody would notice when...

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

My friend split her chin open twice. First time she crashed her bike, don't remember the second. You can still the the scar and the imprint of each individual stitch. :(

35- ...when someone whacked him on the head with a 2x4 for making fun of them ;) and 31- that sentence wasn't trailing off. the "..." was for effect. which apparently it didn't have. oops. my bad. cuz I care ever so much

I had a dock pylon nail go into my leg and tear a big hole in it. Took 24 stitches, and I have a giant Y on my leg with a dent.

You had widows in your house? Sounds like a grand party.

iknowimawesome 13

Last summer while stepping over the dishwasher, a knife sort of stabbed my leg and I had to get stitches... I'm an idiot. I know.

Damn showers, those things are death traps, I swear. You don't even know how many concussions I've gotten from falling in the shower. And that's without any plastic...

twisted_cherub 14

Ninjadinos, do not attempt shower sex, ever. It's difficult enough for most people to pull off safely, but I fear for your life in that situation. Although, it would make for an interesting FML. No, wait. I stand by my first advice. Your health is top priority. Don't do it.

13, The answer shouldn't be more than one...

No concussion for me :P Shiwers are a death trap..

iseyixes 18

Way to run up some hospital bills. On the bright side you have a lot of cool new nicknames to choose from: Hopper, Scar, Slippy, Head Banger....