By Shone - Canada - Grand Forks
Today, I had to get stitches on my foot and was then forced to wear a plastic bag on my foot while showering. The plastic bag made me slip in the shower and had to go back and get stitches in my forehead. FML
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  Luerna  |  13

A good trick I did when I broke my toe was wear a larger sock over the bag. It kept the bag on, sealed at the top, but also made it so I didn't slip!

  Jaxx66  |  21

It's safer for OP obviously. But depending on the shower it wouldnt of been so bad. like mine has a detachable shower head, so I'd of washed my hair with that while my foot hung over.

By  goatlovesllama  |  5

I once had a double-ER visit myself. When I was in elementary school, I went swimming in the pool outside. I was under water, and hit my head on the side of the pool coming up for air. I split my chin open and needed 6 stitches. Less than 24 hours later, I fell off a rock at my best friends house and broke my nose. They questioned me to make sure my parents weren't beating me XD

  missalkali  |  8

I also split my chin once!
when I was about 6, we had these widow type things between two rooms in my house and I was standing in one of them and fell. I had to get stitches.
one of my favorite stories to tell!! but that's the only time I had an ER visit... thank G-d!!

  punkkitteh1  |  0

My friend split her chin open twice. First time she crashed her bike, don't remember the second. You can still the the scar and the imprint of each individual stitch. :(

  missalkali  |  8

35- ...when someone whacked him on the head with a 2x4 for making fun of them ;)

and 31- that sentence wasn't trailing off. the "..." was for effect. which apparently it didn't have. oops. my bad. cuz I care ever so much

By  ninjadinos  |  14

Damn showers, those things are death traps, I swear.
You don't even know how many concussions I've gotten from falling in the shower. And that's without any plastic...

  twisted_cherub  |  14

Ninjadinos, do not attempt shower sex, ever. It's difficult enough for most people to pull off safely, but I fear for your life in that situation.
Although, it would make for an interesting FML.
No, wait. I stand by my first advice. Your health is top priority. Don't do it.