By MahSquito - 06/02/2012 02:14 - United States

Today, a train hit me. A slow mini-train full of kindergartners who were on a tour of the museum I was visiting. FML
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Damn people that can't react to a slow moving train.


*If you look very closely, you can see the train is fake*

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Haha dw OP. im slow too. Infact the other day my brother accidently threw a ball which hit a glass which landed on me and slowly fell to the ground. And i just stared at it as it fell and broke.

did you take the basterfs out, kill bill style

How is this an FML? It wasn't a real train

chlorinegreen 27

I thought those trains sang music or had a bell or horn. I think you just made the train conductors day OP.

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Gotta keep my eyes open... damn trains could swoop down at anytime.

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Was Denzel Washington trying to stop it?

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And it was most likely your fault.

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I disagree. Trains move in such unpredictable ways, who knows the path they'll travel???

tehslack 5

Perhaps you are right, good sir.

Were you so engrossed in the exhibits that you couldn't hear the mini train coming?

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Well if it were a real train, OP would be in a million little pieces and wouldn't have posted this here FML.

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I believe (and hope) there is FMyLife in heaven...

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Hey no need to be embarrassed, kindergarteners are mean! Always telling, stealing crayons, rhyming your name with banana! *shudders* you're lucky you got out of there alive

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And finger painting.. Oh god the FINGER PAINTING!

And they constantly tease those poor pedophiles..!

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It's not like it's hard to miss, blame yourself there

Damn kids... Still, its hard to miss a train, the little ones they have for children are pretty damn visible... And easy to hear

I like your picture hahah. I have nothing against homosexuals though.