By AussieG75 - 07/05/2013 14:18 - United States - Lakewood

Today, I was making tea when I smelled something burning. My very fluffy cat had put his tail right next to the open flame and burnt his fur. Now I have a semi-hairless cat and a very smelly apartment. FML
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sorry op hope your cats ok

So your pussy had a burning sensation.


sorry op hope your cats ok

miasaur 11

poor kitty!

JFloUnknown 24

Me too. It could have been worse. My friends cat had it's tail accidentally closed in the door. Out of panic it pulled and ran to get away and tore all the skin off of his tail down to the bone.

I did that to my cat once. But she was older and just meowed until I let her out. Took a while. The dog was barking at her for like 10 minutes before I saw what I did

I had a cat that had her tail broken by one of our dogs, when they snuck past me into my room, it was so sad.

A neighbour of mine had a cat with only 3 inches of tail after his previous owner shut it in a door... I also had a kitten who was fascinated by EVERYTHING and HAD to sniff/rub against whatever caught his attention at the moment. Eventually, after two rounds of singed whiskers and a large hand-sized patch of fur on his side flared up, we just plain stopped using candles around the house, period. Didn't matter where we put them, he would find them, and no amount of squirting him would make him stop. He was never hurt, thankfully... his whiskers would be 1/2 length for a while, but his nose never got close enough to be burnt, and the fur on his side only burnt at the tips; it flared up in a second then put itself out, didn't leave a bald patch. Could barely even tell where it'd happened. Still scared the everloving crap out of us, though. Neither water nor fire could give that animal a lick of common sense...

JFloUnknown 24

You should have named him 'Catniss, the cat on fire.'

Everyone loves a hairless pussy!

PoopNuggetLeader 4

Light a match? Oh wait...

JFloUnknown 24

Light two matches?

No, three matches!

MindFreakazoid 10


On the upside, I hear hairless felines are all the rage!

84- personally, that has to be the single funniest thing I've heard.

I have mine trained to not go on certain areas, especially around the stove. A squirt bottle works wonders. Only had to correct them a couple of times. I was always afraid they would burn themselves, not to mention the ick factor if them stepping in a litter box then near where I prepare or eat food.

Well i don't think op's cat needs a squirt bottle now. lol

rg350dx 29

Maybe a fire extinguisher in this case.

xxxbooxxx 16

But what if your cat likes water?

I have yet to meet a cat that likes getting sprayed even if they like water. It's one of the most common ways of training a cat. It worked on Sid as well and he loves water.

erockinthesuburb 17

Yet another instance to answer that age old question.... Dogs rule, cats drool.

45 - My cat doesn't like water, but she isn't afraid of the spray bottle. When I squirt her, she walks up and sniffs the nozzle. She's special...

My cat loves water too. He'll try to hop in the shower, sink, and toilet occasionally. The spray bottle is like a kitty fun party for him, he loves it. It's extremely hard to train him.

45, My friend's cat jumped in the shower with her. But the spray bottle idea is great, if you're consistant.

My cat would lay in the sink and wait for you to turn the tap on, so he could drink straight from it. Thank you for your time.

Success4444 12

If you haven't seen the video on youtube about keeping cats off the counters with aluminum foil, you need to see it! Cat-launching, I think it was called... They hate the crinkling sound, and it worked like a charm on my bookcases, so my cats don't knock them off the shelves anymore! It is the most awesome idea, because it works when you are not around, and it doesn't hurt the cat!

My cat loved when we used the squirt bottle on him... Hes a strange cat...

Fill the bottle with diluted apple vinegar. No animal likes to get sprayed with that.

I bet your cat learned not to play with fire, and just goes to prove that cats have 9 lives.

So your pussy had a burning sensation.

challan 19

There's a cream for that. Vote no to blue waffles.

It reminds me of those videos where they burn animals, so sad.

rg350dx 29

Why the hell are you watching videos of people burning animals? That's not something you just happen upon.

How does the fml remind you of that?! And why did you feel the need to comment?!

Fun tip #1: If the videos of burning animals make you upset, avoid watching them.

I watched only one and couldn't watch it till the end. it was on my Facebook news feed

I, unfortunately, have seen a video of that sort. It was in a clip about a horrible animal abuser, and fortunately the horrid part only lasted a few seconds as an 'example' of his crimes (prefaced with the usual 'the following could be disturbing to some viewers...' disclaimer). It is NOT something I ever want to see again. This story does not at all remind me of that.

Wizardo 33

Hope your cat is feline alright and you have a funny tail to regale your friends with...

Yes OP should feel relieved he narrowly avoided catastrophic events

Or maybe she felt...catatonic...

Apparently cat puns have 9 lives as well.

debbster7 18

At least the cat didn't die...

Just be glad it was only your cat's fur that got burned! Poor kitty!

feldco1 17

Hope your cat is okay but now you both know that he shouldn't roam on the counter.