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Today, I arrived at work, only to find my computer's massive CRT monitor had been smashed up beyond belief. Everyone else has flat-screen monitors, and I'd made no secret of how unfair it is to me. According to my boss, this makes me the obvious culprit, and now I'm suspended. FML
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  Michael_92  |  20

@Pentium...idk dude. I have a 1080i crt tv and its good, colors are excellent, black is BLACK; however the LG in the living room is much much sharper. Have you seen AMOLED? That holds lots of promise in color correction problems. Only $9000 hahaha

  lilpowers  |  3

Well OP it does kinda make sense. If OP was complaining about not getting a flat screen and OPs monitor ended up killed then you kinda begin to wonder…

  s15c  |  9

Someone did you a favor and smashed it so you could get a new one. I guess they didn't think your boss would've suspected you. It makes sense that your boss would, though.

  LaughinStock  |  16

23 I just saw that movie for the first time yesterday, very funny stuff. Op maybe your boss just hates you, I mean you're the only one with an old ass computer. Your boss is probably looking for a reason to fire your ass.