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By MdT - 23/05/2009 11:51 - South Africa

Today, my family returned from a holiday in Egypt. A holiday that I really wanted to spend with them. As if leaving me behind wasn't bad enough, they then made me watch a 200-picture slideshow of how much fun they had. FML
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Aww that sucks... 200 pictures? Wow they must have done a bunch of cool things

theflamezbegin 0

You wouldn't happen to indirectly related to Ron Weasley, would you?


Aww that sucks... 200 pictures? Wow they must have done a bunch of cool things

Unless its like my family were 167 of those pictures would have been of a tree.

AntiChrist7 0

So just don't watch it. YDI for being a pussy

Jacobe_fml 0

Did you have any crazy capers with burglars at your home while they were gone a la "Home Alone"?

that sucks. now you can go on a holiday somewhere they want to go, do the stuff they want to do and then rub it in their caes.

Or, buy shit they really want and don't let them use or have it.

lol wow that sucks... this happened to my friend over christmas break, but his family went to texas instead of egypt, the best part was that they kept calling and saying how fun it was while he was stuck at home doin notthing...

snavula 0

That does suck for sure, but # 2's right.. you shouldn't have watched it. You're family is obviously full of douchebags so you'd probably do better to just avoid them altogether.

You're rather selfish aren't you? They got to go to Egypt, which probably doesn't happen very often, so be happy for them!

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I wouldn't want to go to Egypt anyway. :/ Unless pyramids were involved. THEN I'd want to go. FYL.

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dude that sucks i've always wanted to go to egypt