By Bonding_boys - 17/12/2012 16:21 - United States - Elk River

Today, I came home to find my husband and our 4-year-old son simultaneously peeing off the second-floor balcony. My husband was giggling like a little girl. FML
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Cherish the moment, they'll look back at these years with good memories.


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Werken247 14

the apple doesn't juice far from the tree

*The apple juice doesn't fall far from the tree.

26. 16 intentionally did that, juicing the apple... (I think)

tristanisgay 7

Hahaha , that's cute of them, OP!

Look at her name: bonding_boys. True in everyway

How do u think thats cute? The father is teaching the son something that he shouldnt!

if i could favourite this comment i would

Well, they wanted to use the toilet but there was a book still stuck in it.

RedPillSucks 31

@44. you can do it. it just takes superb muscle. control

To be honest, that sounds like fun to do. Nuff said

it wont be so much for the people beneath you...

"second floor balcony.." I think they live in a house... If it was an apartment I think OP would've just said "balcony".

Wow someone didn't read my comment at all.

Cherish the moment, they'll look back at these years with good memories.

icadragoon 11

If you live in the woods and the balcony isn't over anything important I see no issue with this, unless of course your son decides to do this with company over, then you can point to your husband and say "that's what happens when I leave him alone to parent the kids".

Agreed, it's better than peeing in a potted plant in a crowded mall.

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When im 90 im going to pretend im insane and im going to take baths in a mall fountain. Theyll just be like "its thursday already?" lol

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Quality father son bonding time.

I wush my father "bonded" with me like that. BTW look at her user name :P

Ah good thing you found out. You didn't want to stick your tongue out thinking it was rain now wouldn't you.

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At least they are bonding haha seems like

I'll admit, I find your username highly disturbing...

RedPillSucks 31

why? its not like they were using "krazy glue"

KVKdragon 26

I'd carry an umbrella around until they both grow out of this phase :P