DMV blues

By usadisvet - 02/04/2015 06:43 - United States - Loudon

Today, at the DMV, I was told I had to prove, with a doctor's note, that I was an amputee and that my disability was permanent to get my placard. Apparently, placing my prosthetic leg on the counter wasn't proof enough, and is considered "threatening". The police were called. FML
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Even if there's a policy, an employee should be given the authority to accept such cases without abiding by the policy.


nesteremily 31

Wow some people are so inconsiderate and stupid. It might be a policy that you have to have a note(I did for diabetes) but they could have been more polite

liquifiednate 21

Yeah but you think having a missing limb would be obvious enough proof.

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He really got a leg up on them- they're just being sore about it.

drunkmunkey 24

It's even more sad that this is the respect we show our veterans

The government can't get it's shit together. Fyl

30 - It's possible he was born without his leg.

The ops username is "usadisvet". Using advanced cia mind tactics i have concluded that it is possible, that op is a veteran and can assume he had all limbs at birth.

Whoa, why is #30 being thumbed down? Read the username.

46 - Maybe he's a veterinarian... Nah you're probably right. I didn't exactly read the username when I commented..

6 - Showing the person at the dmv counter is not the same as providing information, including qualified doctor's name and signature, that can go in a written report. It's annoying, but it kind of makes sense logistically. In the future OPs records may need to be looked over when they're not there and a signature from a random, not-medically-qualified office worker saying they promise doesn't really cut it.

They probably need something on paper in his file proving that he has a disability, so if someone, for some reason, needed to confirm that he has a disability and he didn't acquire the placard fraudulently, they can just look in his file without OP having to be physically present to display his disability. If that's the case, they could have just explained that to him, rather than freaking out when he got frustrated because it's blatantly obvious he's disabled. Some empathy could go a long way. "I'm very sorry, sir. I can see that you're disabled and I know it's silly, but we need something official on paper describing your disability for filing purposes before I can issue you the placard you need." Not simply, "I need proof--Oh no! Now you're being scary!"

As an employee of the DMV, it is required we have a physician's statement for disability placards. Some state regulations are ridiculous.

#30 it never said that OP was a veteran. Anyone can lose a limb

A sensible policy would allow the clerk and a supervisor to sign off on it based on personal knowledge.

great idea, let them feel your prosthetic leg.

and give The police an actual case to arrest you

Shadowvoid 33

Well that's why the police were called, he was very menacing standing there with one leg in hand and the other firmly planted on the ground.

Shadowvoid 33

The question arises, was he armed? Or legged?

not sure but he was always a leg up on the cops

Just leave your leg on the counter until the police arrive. I'm sure the police will beat them with your leg for the DMV wasting their time.

Now that is something I'd pay to see :D Sorry about your plight op..

What a bunch of *****. who calls the cops over something as small as that??

Haha this comment made me laugh.. I can just visualise it :')

Don't say that! People will start taking it as a challenge.

I mean calling the cops was unnecessary, but they might be required to have you show a doctors note. if not, that's just stupid.

Might be required to keep a copy of the note on file.

If it's anything like my recent experience with trying to get my new drivers license sent to my college residence, it's because they do in fact need to copy the note to show physical proof of the disability. You can't put a prosthetic leg through a scanner.

It's a shame how people without a permanent injury can get that placard for ever and you can't and you have a reason! Good luck with it though!

I know quite a few people that have DV plates that shouldn't. Guy I went to school with was in Navy basic training for less than 6 weeks, and he's pulling in over 3 grand from disability. His disability: PTSD and nerve damage from a pulled tooth. PTSD. From 5 weeks of NAVY boot camp. Meanwhile, I served 6 years, two tours, Purple Heart for a mortar attack (shrapnel), concussions out the yazoo that constantly affect my short-term memory, and a botched shoulder surgery (I broke my clavicle in two). I'm only getting 50%. My monthly income is just under 900. And he bitches about "never having any money." -.-'

Even if there's a policy, an employee should be given the authority to accept such cases without abiding by the policy.

That would be too logical. It's much more governmental to get beaten to death with bureaucracy.

Hardly. They have to put it on file. If they don't and something happens say... 9 months later. What proof does the clerk have? None.

I don't understand why the employee could not have had the option of writing a statement and saying something like, "Observed Mr Smith had an leg amputated below the left knee and has been fitted with a prosthetic leg. Written and signed employee Miss Frank 3/4/2015, Injury wiitnessed and confirmed by department manager Mr Jones on this day 3/4/2015" No different from a doctor letter, it's something that can be used in situations which are very obvious. The ones that really need a letter from the doctor are the ones that say the person are physically able to safely drive and observe the road rules.

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How did OP cause a scene when the dmv called the cops for no real reason?

The interview for becoming a DMV clerk. "What's your name?" -gives name- "Are you an incompassionate human being that likes to ruin people's days because you're unhappy with your own life?" -yes- "Fantastic, you're hired!"

JackDupp 11

Welcome to government bureaucracy, Where policy trumps common sense

Chop off your leg and see how dramatic you are.

9 - Making a scene? Disturbed? You're pretty thin-skinned.

I know we can "like" someone's profile by giving a ****.... But how do we tell them they suck?? #9 you're mean and work at the dmv?, major thumbs down to you.

I am an amputee and lost my left leg when I was one year old. Sorry to break it to you, but being an amputee isn't as easy as it looks. Op wasn't being dramatic- they were probably just fed up with not being understood. Don't make a comment about something you know nothing about.

#100 I thought the exact same thing when I read her comment. People with no compassion shouldn't be allowed to work with the disabled.

Knightchaser27 25

They shouldn't be allowed to work wear they have to interact with people at all

God bless USA for their astounding stupidity

Because things like this only happen in the states right?

#11: I think it's a little rude to generalize an entire nation.

That is very frustrating, especially about having to prove the condition is permanent. But it's probably a policy that applies to everyone. Calling the cops seems to be an overreaction, though.