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By Idigrespectfulattire - 18/03/2015 00:18 - Trinidad and Tobago - Port-of-spain

Today, my brother wore a T-shirt to my birthday party that said "I dig skinny chicks". I'm a recovering anorexic and told him that I didn't really like his shirt. His response? "Don't let the liberal media brainwash you into thinking it's OK to be fat." FML
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I hope you punched him in the face. He's your brother, so it's alright for siblings to fight. Actually, while you're at it, give him a beating.


I hope you punched him in the face. He's your brother, so it's alright for siblings to fight. Actually, while you're at it, give him a beating.

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I think he deserves a punch in the face either way, even if he wasn't her brother...

True, but it's more justified for siblings to fight than total strangers :P

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I'm pretty sure nobody invites total strangers to their birthday party.

In such times of need... fling spiders at your enemy

Woah there. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

I actually did this to my brother once. The was a spider crawling on means in panic I flocked it off of me. But it accendently landed in my brothers ear.

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There is nothing wrong with being skinny. What is wrong however is risking your health to look skinny. Lots of models are actually underweight and starving themselves to look like that. If you're skinny because it is your natural body shape or because you do a lot of exercise while maintaining a healthy diet, then good for you. Being anorexic however is a life-threatening condition and certainly shouldn't be encouraged.

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And that's exactly what I'm talking about. You like skinny? Thumbs down...

I think the main problem is that she is a recovering anorexic, not so much that she just doesn't like how men like "skinny chicks"

I want to agree with #7, because it really seems like OP is making a fuss out of a minor thing that her brother didn't even think about consciously...but at the same time, I also know it could have easily been a trigger for her, so I want to give her the benefit of the doubt.

OK, so obviously some people are not understanding the concept of "triggers". OP is recovering from anorexia. Her brother probably already knew this. Anorexia is basically the obsession with being as skinny as possible through very unhealthy methods. Her brother wore this shirt to OP's birthday party and then borderline said to her that she should not try to recover from the condition that quite possibly may have killed her if she didn't get help because it's only OK to be skinny regardless of the risks to one's health.

If you think the t-shirt has absolutely nothing to do with anorexia, you're wrong. Anorexia nervosa is caused by an obsession with being skinny, to the point where people are willing to be unhealthy to become what they perceive as beautiful. If the person who wore the shirt were a complete stranger, OP's reaction would be extreme. But he's OP's family, who is supposed to love and support her as she recovers. He knows that when OP hears "skinny" she thinks of Victoria's Secret model kind of skinny instead of healthy and natural skinny. And he knows that when she hears "fat" she likely thinks of herself that way, regardless of whether she's actually at a healthy weight. Too all the people who say skinny and anorexic are two different things, you're absolutely right. But anorexia is a mental condition as well as a physical one, and part of that means that people who suffer from it think that healthy skinny and anorexic are the same thing. OP's brother knew that as well. What he did was downright insensitive.

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Op is totally blowing this out of proportion. Her brother was wearing a funny shirt and she imposed her personal issues onto that shirt. Yeah the brother wasn't precisely sensitive with his response, but he didn't do anything wrong by wearing the shirt. Plus he kind of had a point, he just didn't express it very elegantly. Obesity is a massive problem (pun intended), and telling people it's ok to be fat is not ok. Obesity is the number one cause of preventable deaths in this country, recently overtaking smoking. So no, being fat is not ok. and as long as we tell people it is, the problem will just flourish even more.

I would agree about the skinny shaming part, but in this context, he said that to his sister, who had anorexia. I'm not saying that people shouldn't be allowed to share their opinions, but (assuming he knew about her anorexia, which sounds like that's probably the case) there's a time and place for everything, and that certainly is not the right time, person or place to be saying that. It would be similar to her getting over alcoholism, and him coming in plastered

and saying "Only ******* don't drink".

he surely has grey matters anorexia up his brain to say something like that

Don't let the media brainwash you into thinking that it's not okay to slap your moronic brother upside the head.

Tell him "Don't let the media brainwash you into thinking it's OK to be a judgmental douche".

57, neither is starting yourself to attain a body type which isn't realistic with a healthy diet.

Skinny=/healthy, same as fat=/unhealthy, so that's an invalid arguement. You can have a few extra pounds and be healthy same as you can be under your recommended weight and be healthy. we should focus on health, not size.

Bingo! Strive for a healthy body, not a body that is a certain weight. The rest will come with it.

stumanchew 4

Ya know. It is ok to like skinny women. And it is ok to be a skinny woman. It's not like he had a shirt on that said "Go Anorexia".

When you suffer from anorexia, you really don't need someone telling you that it's not okay to be fat. Cause it is. And even if OP is far from being fat, she will always see herself and her body as not skinny enough. So she does not need a push to go back to being anorexic. And he's her brother, he should know better.

It is just an FML post.Not like she knocked him unconscious.

39, having a shirt that says "I dig skinny chicks" because it is "not okay to be fat", and the only reason anyone would even consider fat being okay have been "brainwashed" is encouraging the exact instinct and mindset that made her sick in the first place, and therefore encourages a relapse.

BubbleGrunge 18

Lol 39-I'm a curvy or "fat" chick and I'm sure I have way more sex than you. In fact, I love my body and in return I have many people who are dying to make love to my body! I'd love to comment on the stupidity of your comment more but my handsome man (who is not fat in the slightest) is calling me into the bedroom to make love to my fat ass. Smooches doll.

#39 I'm a fat female. I've NEVER had to lower my standards in men. I've only ever been with men who I find attractive. In fact, my husband is physically fit and loves me and my body. And he doesn't even have a fat fetish. I'm active and eat healthy. I just happen to still be fat. I find anyone who body shames (fat, skinny, muscular, etc) is pretty pathetic. Also, I'm the furthest thing from liberal you can find. I simply don't condone bullying.

amberv61 22

#86 you do realize that society is what is creating all the insecurities that women have with their body. Telling a woman she won't find a quality man just purely because she has extra weight then most is a form of bullying. You can like skinny women but don't put down someone because they don't have the body you think they should have. My sister is overweight compared to most. She has a quality man that does not have a "fat fetish". Her body type is very different from the body type he would normally go for. Thinking you have to be skinny to have a quality relationship is the real brainwashing going on

BubbleGrunge 18

78 you need to wake up and realize you don't speak for all men. In fact, please get out of your fantasy world where all "sexy" women are skinny and all fat women are just fetishes. Women are beautiful in general and there is no "right" way to be sexy or attractive. I am bisexual and find women of all shapes and sizes attractive. Also, if fat women are fetishes skinny women are too. Also, please define fat. I'm not obese but I'm sure not skinny. Bottom line is I love myself and it's sad that other people have to bring others down to love themselves as well. I'm pretty sure anyone who only thinks fat women can have sex is by those who have fat women fetishes is not only ignorant but so so stupid. Not to mention that you had to make this a culture issue; pretty sure not every culture agrees with your culture either. You are very chauvinist in your remarks; not because you yourself don't like fat girls but because you believe every guy prefers skinny women over fat girls. I do feel sorry for any women you bed though.

BubbleGrunge 18

But you are being a bully by claiming fat girls only get sex by men who have that fetish. Also as a person seeking her masters in psychology, please don't give away false advice on a very dangerous disorder. Anorexia is deadly and set backs have much more to do with thought and visual process than insecurity. As a human being how can you be ok with someone wearing a shirt that may very well cause a relapse. Therapy is quit often larger than just the person seeking therapy. It often involves family therapy so that everyone involved can help the suffer come to and maintain her homeostasis. That was horrible of her brother to wear a shirt like that around her and to say such things. My mother has suffered anorexia since she was twelve; this isn't some petty disorder for we almost lost her a few times. Don't give out advice if you don't know what you're talking about.

@15 No, it is not OK to be fat, just like it is not okay to smoke. Obesity is more deadly than smoking, and accepting that you're fat and not doing anything about it shows that you are weak Of course its different if you have a medical condition. I feel bad for those who can't help it. Those who can help it and don't care dont deserve.

@15 No, it is not OK to be fat, just like it is not okay to smoke. Obesity is more deadly than smoking, and accepting that you're fat and not doing anything about it shows that you are weak Of course its different if you have a medical condition. I feel bad for those who can't help it. Those who can help it and don't care dont deserve.

88, saying it's ok to be fat I"IF you find a fat fetishist" to love you implies that a person is only ok as long as they can attract a romantic partner. That is simply not true. I think it's important to be healthy for a lot of reasons (it improves the quality of life, people respect and take care of their bodies, etc) but none of them have anything to do with attracting a romantic partner. People have value. It doesn't matter whether they are skinny, fat, single, unattached, having lots of sex, or having none at all. It's important to treat all with respect, because nobody's value as a human being is diminished by their weight or relational status. I hope you can at least find yourself in agreement with this fact.

Actually #119, it's easier to find a quality man when you're not society's idea of "perfect". You don't have pigs pretending to love you because they just want to get in your pants. You're less likely to have a shallow douche for a boyfriend because he will actually take the time to get to know you for who you are and not what you look like. It's sad that you believe that men should judge from appearance only instead of actually looking to who she is as a person, and if he does want her then of course, he has a fat fetish. Thank goodness we still have a few guys worth our time out there that don't want us for what our heart makes us instead of making our value off of what a scale says.

Well, fgk, we know for sure that nobody would lower their standards enough to sleep with you. I know there are some dumbass fetishists, but you're really overdoing it.

When your expectations of looks are more important than personality, then yes, you're only looking at one criteria.

Then by your own standards, you lost your argument right from the very beginning. How is it that people throw out insult after insult, get insulted once, and then go "Insulted are the mark of a losing argument *smugface*" as if they were completely unaware of how badly they just burned themselves?

I'm fat and I'm engaged to the love of my life, #39. Be a little less superficial. And honestly? Even though I'm trying to slim down so I can have more energy and feel better, if someone doesn't treat me decently while I'm still fat, they're not the kind of friend/partner I want around when I'm skinny. I almost wish I could lose weight but still weed out the assholes.

Steffi3 40

Don't let his asshole-attitude drag you down. Recovering from something like that is difficult, keep it up OP