By dexter - 15/01/2009 15:07 - United States

Today, I had lunch with a couple of my friends and a guy I like. Another guy I have a crush on came and ate with us too. After lunch, one of the guys I have a crush on told me the other guy I like is sexy. FML
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You still have the other guy to go after. Just stop liking EVERYONE!


jennnnrawr 0

im pretty sure her mind is made up now...

don't assume anyone is gay, the guy was probably just testing her to see how she feels about him

Girls like guys who are Gay! I have Seen so many of these, and i figured this out of One of my Friends who Happens to Be Gay, and all the Girls in the grade like him

the op's name is Dexter. I'm assuming he's a guy?

Eir_fml 1

is the other guy gay though? It's not like he said the other one is good in bed or anything.

You still have the other guy to go after. Just stop liking EVERYONE!

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Hey, the heart wants what the heart wants.

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Wow, what an unexpected twist of events. You really don't know people, huh?

you like too many guys. one should be enough. well at least now the guy you had a crush on made it easier for you on picking which guy you should go for now ^_^

..Poor. You. Oh FYL. Now you only have ONE guy to crush on/like? :'[

Doesn't really change anything. Just messed up a bit.

this waz very hard to read. Just stick with your good old vibrator