By Tom / Thursday 15 January 2009 15:05 / United States
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  hudson155  |  0

dude that's not how it works. it's linear. every plane has the same chances. do you think planes have a memory and account for the most recent plane crash when deciding to crash or not omg lol

  hudson155  |  0

no dude you're dead wrong. the plane has the exact same chance. did you think planes account for the most recent crash whe. 'deciding' to crash or not? youre crazy

By  jsmith1199  |  0

why is everyone so stupid? #14 just because a plane from the same airline crashed earlier doesn't mean his plane is now less likely to crash. and #15 you want to talk about mathematical probability? the two events are completely independent of each other. just because a plane from that airline crashed doesnt mean the other planes have less of a chance of crashing. if you flip a coin twice and it comes up heads the first time, does that mean that its less likely to get heads the second time? no.. you still have a 50% chance. dumb asses

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