By j0j0 - France
Today, wanting to change from the usual pizza/coca cola menu, I decide to cook. After spending 1h30 making a "beef chili with ancho, mole, and cumin" I sprinkle a bit of salt on top of it. The top came off the salt. I think it's back to pizzas for me. FML
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By  happygoluckyhh  |  0

Should be more spacific. You wrote "the top came off the salt"

Salt doesn't have tops...salt SHAKERS have tops.

"The top fell off the salt shaker and poured all over my dinner!" would have been more spacific.

Sucks for you, though.

I agree with what some other people who said that you should pour the salt in your hand FIRST.

At least you learned your lesson.

  not_kidding  |  0

That's so nit-picky. Everyone understood what OP meant, and it's a common expression. You don't say "Pass the milk carton," you say "Pass the milk."

By  mystomachurts  |  3

This is stupid. Carefully scoop up all the salt that spilled. Then throw out any of the beef chili that got the extra salt on it. (I'm doubting the top came off the salt yet you still proceeded to pour it over the entire pot?)