By Anonymous - 23/01/2016 11:26 - United States - Brunswick

Today, my dog once again desperately tried to yank me straight into the path of a bus. FML
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Are you sure it's not a cat you have? They're the ones that try to kill you

"Man's best friend"


Your dog wants you dead. It's plotting revenge for that one time you fed it crappy dog food.

Or maybe its feeling suicidal

More like homicidal.

gobiteme2 34

Your dog thought it made a suicidal pact with you, guess it's telepathic powers were on the low side again.

Im sure he just wanted to chase the bus at all cost, even if that cost happens to be you

talk about throwing a friend under the bus.....

That's ruff, buddy.

dogs!! I have a little daredevil as well!

Would it be safe to consider it a bitch? >:)

Maybe it's suicidal

Not all dogs go to heaven

"Man's best friend"

Is your dog Cujo?