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By Anonymous - 22/07/2009 22:05 - United States

Today, I went over to my girlfriend's house for dinner. Her parents seemed upset, so I tried to lighten the mood by saying, "Hey, at least the weekend is coming up and you guys won't have to go to work." Apparently, they were upset because they both got laid off from their jobs today. FML
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damn that sucks :( but how were you supposed to have known?

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I love that a lot of FML's seem to happen because couples don't tell each other anything. If I was the girlfriend I would've given my boyfriend a heads up.


damn that sucks :( but how were you supposed to have known?

Yeah - it's not like you could have asked what was wrong. I mean, that would have been polite, and no one wants to be polite towards their significant other's parents.

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#13 he probably thought it would be impolite because it could also be considered as "nosey" anyway what made you think they weren't going to work on a weekend? both of my parents work most weekends at least you didnt get laid off instead of them

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I read your comment as "I'm a 3tard." I don't know if I should feel bad, or clever.

Damn. I'll bet you felt like a total ass.

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Who cares you didn't know. This one is stupid. Go cry about it and then commit suicide on youtube

and then make a video saying you were kidding and flipping off everyone that couldn't take a joke.

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I think you might be coming on too strong,OP. If she's that keyed up she's not enjoying your attention.

Completely agree with you 21, Its not really appropriate to ask if something is wrong, unless they are, idk, mourning or whatevs.

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SOMAgirl = love because her comments are always intelligent and articulate. That, and she's hot and has an awesome username. Anyway, I agree, the OP did nothing wrong in this instance. Just sucks that it got a little awkward. Not a big deal.

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I also agree with #21. The OP was trying to make small talk, he had NO way of knowing what had happened. And if the gf already knew then she probably should have told him. I know I would warn my bf just so he knew.

I agree with #67, which by extension means I agree with #21 Don't worry OP. You did absolutely nothing wrong. Your life is totally ******.

Clearly they felt comfortable enough talking about getting laid off to bring it up after he mentioned not working over the weekend. Otherwise they could have just faked smiles and changed the subject. If they told him in this scenario, where it creates an awkward foot-in-mouth situation, they probably would have told him if he had simply asked what was wrong.

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you should have farted instead, that makes everyone smile inside.


no offense but are you 6? Unless they are all guys and friends no one smiles inside and the parents would think the boyfriend is disgusting. Thats howb bad Mother-In-Laws start. lol though.

Does nobody care enough to actually find out what's wrong? Who does that, seriously?

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They would understand since you didnt really know the circumstance

Oh, that's bad luck. =/ The awkward turtle wouldn't have helped much either, I'm guessing.

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That blows. How could you have known something like that happened