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By aj513 - 29/11/2015 01:20 - United States - New Bedford

Today, my girlfriend and I got caught doing it in her parents' bed by her mom. Instead of making me leave, they forced me to stay for dinner. FML
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Does your girlfriend like not have a bed or something

Why her parents bed, I mean really. What if you left evidence? (If you hadn't got caught anyway) besides you're shagging their daughter the least you can do is get to know them a little.


Does your girlfriend like not have a bed or something

ikr, her parents should write an fml.

"Today, I came home early to find my daughter having sex with her boyfriend. In my bed. FML"

I don't know if it's just me, but having sex in my parent's would be weird as all fuck.

Yeah, having sex in your parents would be kinda weird ^-^

It's also incredibly disrespectful in my opinion.

Maybe the girlfriend only has a single bed, but it still isn't okay to do it in the parents' I think.

#88, people do it on couches all the time, bed size shouldn't matter

'only has a single bed'....pretty sure I'll have a single bed until I've moved in with my boyfriend. That's going to be at least 7 years of sleeping and fucking in a single bed before then. Never really been a problem?

I always thought filler words a.k.a. parasitic expressions ("like", "or something", "you know") were used in speaking only. How can you use two in one short phrase?

It sounds better than " does your girlfriend not have a bed"

Sorry FML, I was buzzed. I have since napped and realized my mistake.

It's probably a single bed, and they're more comfortable on their parents king size double bed.

That's weird. Imagine telling your kids that they were conceived on the same bed as you.

@145 I was thinking the exact same thing. or just all in all. you're having sec among the sheets that you were started in...I feel like that would not put someone in the mood...

Suaria 38

Most colleges have single beds. A lot of people have sex in college.

um do you like not have a life or something #111

Hiimhaileypotter 52

My boyfriend has a single bed... It's really not a problem having sex in a small bed. I couldn't imagine fucking on my parents' (or his parents) bed. That's incredibly disrespectful.

Yeah single bed really wouldn't matter, me and my boyfriend since we're only seventeen still live with our parents but spend nights at each other's houses all the time (we both have good relationship with both families) so we sleep together (I mean actual sleep) on a single bed. just cuddle up close you can fit

Seems like a start to one of those movies

Plot twist: the parents do it in the daughters bedroom also

I would be surprised if it wasn't already

Why her parents bed, I mean really. What if you left evidence? (If you hadn't got caught anyway) besides you're shagging their daughter the least you can do is get to know them a little.

My comment was totally dickish, so I changed it to this.

#34 The problem is that as a father you dont want/need to know that your child is having sex with someone. i.e. I masturbate regurlarly; pretty sure my father doesnt need to know that.

johnny29 14

some people have those fantasies

Out of curiosity #34, what was the gist of your previous comment? Glad to know you realised you were dickish though

Pretty sure we didn't need to know that either

Maybe I'm a jerk but I'd make you stay too & maybe even talk about the choice you made.

That would teach him a lesson for sure haha

8313girl 28

That doesn't make you a jerk. That makes you a good parent.

and tell you that doing that in the parents bedroom is not done.

You should want to have dinner with your partner's parents, especially when you're going to their house. Telling OP to leave would have been a terrible idea.

ydi, who does that in the parents bedroom? your lucky that they don't hate you because thats nasty...

*Imagines Raven-Simone's voice while reading the last part*

Also, not only is it nasty, if they have different hair color than the parents and the parents find a strand of hair that's a different color, they could think the other one is cheating, and that would not end up very good.

I can't even imagine what you went through OP That's why you should've recorded the family dinner

I would like to know how recording a video would help his situation at all? If anything that would just make the situation even more weird

It wouldn't It'd be for our viewing pleasure watching the most awkward dinner of all time

Fml is weird Two comments that mean the same thing and one is negative 14 and one is positive 14 xD

I think the first comment is down-voted because it sounds like you're sympathizing with OP when it's pretty much entirely their fault.

Why were you having sex in her parents' bed to begin with, especially if there was a chance of either parent finding you?

Why were you guys doing it on her parent's bed?

This is both a YDI and FYL. You shouldn't have been doing it in the parents bed, and having to stay had to suck.

princeofgirl 18

I've seen enough porn to know where this is going!