By Anonymous - 18/09/2013 17:41 - Canada - Red Deer

Today, I had an interview for my dream job. I spent all of last night preparing, researching the company, and making sure everything was perfect. My interview was for 8am. I woke up at 10:30 to an alarm that had not gone off. FML
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Always set multiple alarms. When it's something this important, you don't leave anything to chance.

Sounds like you have a pretty alarming problem.


Always set multiple alarms. When it's something this important, you don't leave anything to chance.

Don't forget to make sure the volume is all the up, too.

This used to happen to me all the time, I guess we're just heavy sleepers. So there is the option of setting up multiple alarms, orrrr there is a app that you can get where you have to solve a math problem in order for it to turn off. Either way, you'll definitely wake up :)

I've got a couple of friends who simply never hear their alarms if they're in deep sleep, no matter how many they set up. And no, they're not hitting snooze, they simply don't hear them until hours later.

Either that or stop worrying about it and go to bed early enough that even if you sleep in you'll still wake up before 8.

#26 he was researching till late night..

@45, OP could've studied ahead of time instead of cramming last-minute. He should've studied long beforehand and given himself enough time to get a good night's sleep.

My iPad is set to 9 alarms every morning. My phone has 5 and my stereo system starts it all off. I always get up :).

Despite my alarm always working I always set multiple alarms for important events so I couldn't agree more. Also #62 you are WAYYYYYY to insecure. I needn't even explain that.

Fuck alarms! Go to sleep on time, dumbass.

I always set multiple alarms with different tones or songs, 5 minutes apart or less if I'm worried as it males it less likely you'll sleep through them all. Having just 1 is ridiculous considering most people can set them on their phones.

#21 what is this app called? I need it. I'm a heavy sleeper and I suck at math, should be pretty effective.

SailorSolaris 43

I have 3 alarms that are ready to be turned on, and each is only about 10 minutes apart. Good luck getting back to sleep in that situation.

If they want you, and they will call again.

lmao, do you actually belive that?

I doubt it. They probably thought OP didn't want the job, or if he did, wasn't willing to take initiative and demonstrated poor work ethnics. I wouldn't hire someone like that if I was an employer.

Many people are looking for jobs. One point for interviews is so the employer can choose what people or person (s)he believes to be most fitted for the job at hand. Chances are, OP wasn't the only applicant. Even if he was, the employer may have believed that his company would have lost money due to OP not bringing in as much money as his paycheck was, in theory.

Yeah usually its a one time deal. If you can't make the interview due to a mistake on your part, then how can they expect you to be responsible

I hate it when people display poor work ethnics.

Wellwhateverthen 8


Work ethnic - The amount of work one must do based on skin color to get ahead in this world

I think that only works if you're a genius everyone is after, or if you're 1 of 3 people in the country qualified for the job.

Sounds like you have a pretty alarming problem.

Your pic makes you look so proud of your pun, like you're ringing with laughter!

Jackpearson3 10

I don't think op has an alarming problem at all actually

#43: Maybe cause I am haha

damn. if you didn't study, you might not have gotten the job. but since you stayed up so late for studying, you didn't get it either. tough situation.

Yeah. And it is impossible to start earlier.

ill be honest, didnt think of that one. ^

Ouch, happened to me before, but was flight to an interview..

Call them and make up something so you can get another interview. It doesn't hurt to try.

- Just please, do not say your Grandma died!

JokersHQ 21

Unless she did die. Then you could say she died. (Although that's really sad) but you'd be telling the truth

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That sucks OP. tell them the situation and see if they won't let you reschedule.

StiffPvtParts 43

Hopefully you can still reschedule the interview :3

Espolax 8

I'm guessing you probably won't get the job

CharresBarkrey 15

Yeah, it's pretty hard to do that without an interview...

That's too bad OP, hope you get another chance at getting your dream job soon.