By GogurtBadass - 18/09/2013 16:55 - United States - Olympia

Today, I accidentally punched myself in the mouth while eating a Go-Gurt. I was eating it because I'd just had my wisdom teeth removed. FML
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I guess wisdom teeth are aptly named. Seriously though I hope your face is ok OP


since when do these types of comments still get upvoted...? last I checked everyone hated 'shitty situation' type comments..

#43 I know right? I thought I was the only one who picked up on this. I just don't wanna say anything about it x:

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especially when you're not supposed to drink through straws or have dairy products after, since it can cause infection and dry socket

I had all four taken out at the same time. doesn't feel too good. good luck

I had FIVE taken out at once! And yeah, once the anaesthetics wear off, it hurts more than getting hit in the face with a mallet. Get better soon OP!

I got all 4 of mine taken out about a month ago and I just sat on the couch eating ice cream and pudding for a week, it was both awful and great at the same time

I had all my wisdom teeth taken out at the same time and I had minimal pain, guess I'm lucky.

29, I didn't know anyone had 5 wisdom teeth, everyone I know only has 4.

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#48- Yeah.... I had 7 :( It's definitely possible, just very rare xP

I had all 4 taken at the same time and the bottom 2 were infected, thank goodness for Tylenol 3

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Yea my friend had 6 wisdom teeth. 4 on top and 2 on the bottom.

My brother is lucky, he didn't have any wisdom teeth!

I guess wisdom teeth are aptly named. Seriously though I hope your face is ok OP

Speaking* words of wisdom. For ****'s sake, it's only one of the most famous songs of all time.

I shot the firefighter, but I did not shoot the EMT. Oh no

How did you manage to do that? last time I checked lifting a gogurt took minimal effort. either way fyl OP and hope you feel better!

sliding your fingers up the tube to push every last drop of yogurt out... grip slips...and the rest is FML

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You've never truly enjoyed a GoGurt until you've punched yourself as #11 described. Happened to me multiple times in my youth.

I decided to stop eating gogurt because every time i ate one, i punched myself :( i have sweaty hands and they kept slipping. The gogurt was not worth it

I don't know how you can consume go-gurt multiple times without punching yourself in the face at least once in the process. Those things are fiendish.

I feel your pain OP, just hang in there. The awesome thing about wisdom teeth is that they only have to come out once lol

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That's true in almost all cases but I knew someone who kept having their wisdom teeth grow back. Hopefully that won't happen to OP.

What are you talking about #14? Wisdom teeth don't grow back.

You gotta get that tube squeeze roller thing.

I don't know why 12 got thumbed down..that's good advice. I have one for my toothpaste and it's awesome.