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Today, I had an interview for an office job. As a requirement, I had to show up dressed for the job. My friend has worked there for years and told me it was casual dress. I wore jeans and a blouse. Everyone else had on business suits. Obviously my friend doesn't know what casual means. FML
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Steve95401 49

Even if the office has a casual dress policy, you should have worn a business suit for your interview.


You're not very smart if you think this person is your friend. Clearly he or she didn't want you getting the job.

why? just because the friend said they wear casual clothes at work, doesn't mean you should wear casual clothes to an's not the friend's fault.

27 - it clearly says in the fml that they were required to come to the interview dressed for the job, which is what they did. please read the fml more carefully...

It's better to be over dress then underdressed, especially in a job interview. If the OP had questions they should have asked about the dress code, apparently everybody else did.

they DID ask, their friend who worked there for 3 full years. 3 years is definatly enough time to know something as simple as their work dress code. which is ALSO already in the fml... the friends just clueless.

#48, you shouldn't be asking the friend, you should be asking the person you scheduled the interview with. Maybe the friend works in a different part of the office, or in a different position. Even if it is the same position, asking the person you set the interview with shows that you care enough to ask.

I understand that they asked their friend. I am saying they should have asked the company about proper attire. I mean that is a pretty basic question. I doubt he has a snowballs chance in hell of getting that job now, and it's no one fault but his own.

He probably meant BUSINESS casual maybe OP is a bad listener

The problem with that is that "Business Casual" has many definitions. One of which does include wearing clean, nice, dark, jeans (no holes or anything) and a button down blouse. Never however does the definition of "Business Casual" include a suit. So either all the people in the suits were over dressed and the OP was actually closer to the actual dress code then they were or the dress code simply doesn't have the phrase "casual" anywhere in it. My guess is the dress code is simply business attire and not business casual attire

I actually had to google that for my new job and no. Jeans, no matter how nice they are constitute as business casual

I avoided Google and just asked the management at a few offices in the area. Also my father who is vice president of his company. All of them said that dark blue or black jeans can be acceptable as long as they are paired with a nice button down. On the list of never acceptable was cargo pants, capri's, flip-flops, shorts, jorts, leggings, mini-skirts, yoga pants, M.C. hammer pants, and pajama pants. I can't get a consensus on Khaki's or those weird pants that are made to look like skirts if you keep your legs together.

#95 I believe those are called skorts? Skirts with attached shorts underneath or somethin... Havent seen them since elementary school though

No, not skorts. That's the skirt/short combination. Though those aren't acceptable as business casual either because they fall in the same category as Jorts, shorts, and mini skirts. I can't think of the name of them but there is a style of pants that they make in a silky material with wide legs that flow and swish . They are designed so that if you are standing with your legs together it looks like you are wearing an ankle length skirt. Once you start walking though it just looks like a really baggy legged stupid pair of pants. I only ever wore one pair and it was an emergency outfit purchase after realizing I lacked any black clothes for a funeral.

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Yes, surely those who work there don't know of their own dresscode.

I understand that you might think you sound smart but not at all.

63 - well, the friend who worked there didnt... lol

Casually add blue hair dye to your friend's shampoo.

Well, dye it to a rainbow then. If the company is serious, it probably wouldn't allow that.

I think that it's illegal to fire someone about hair dye unless there is a specific rule. Plus, hair color doesn't define how well you work #12

34: Depends on the jurisdiction. Where I live it's any reason or none at all.

kellyem2 20

Sucks. In the future, always go for business professional. It's always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Oh, and never ask your friend for clothing advice. ;-)

Depends on what you mean on overdressed. I probably wouldn't hire somebody dressed as a Saudi Prince. He's either crazy enough to kill me, or dressing that way because he could have me killed. But which is more likely?

meli1195 31

#61,your stereotyping has nothing to do with being overdressed. why would you even say something like that

I know you're being sarcastic MrConcise, but seriously people, dressing nicely for an interview is a must. It doesn't matter if it's for McDonalds or a prestigious lawfirm. I used to be a hiring manager at a Steak n Shake, and showing up in jeans for an interview was an almost guaranteed no.

#93 - You can't compare McDonalds to Steak 'n' Shake, it's an insult to the best burger chain in the nation. Wanna come to town and buy me a side-by-side milkshake? ;) #72 - Perhaps I wasn't clear enough if you thought I was negatively stereotyping. A Saudi Prince would be extremely wealthy with lots of flowing and expensive fabric that would be considered distracting in a work setting, but still very nice. If somebody dressed like that, they'd either be batshit crazy for thinking it was acceptable to wear to an interview, or actually be a Saudi Prince, who could just snuff you out if you denied his application.

I still make the best damn side by side shakes in the nation. ;) Chocolate-banana all day.

buttcramp 21

totally agree with 93 and 5. i always dress nice for a job interview. however, if it was mcdonalds, i would wear black slacks and a nice blouse whereas a business/high prestige setting i might wear a pencil skirt with a blazer.

brendejafulable 41

You probably should have done your own research.

Shit if I had asked an employee of several years about dress wear, I would trust what they said too.

I wouldn't #14, for the simple fact that I was taught over the years to always dress business professional for any job interview. It doesn't matter where you are interviewing, you always want to look professional for the interview.

A girl once came to an interview at my salon she wore a see through crop top and ripped up leggings. Yeah she didn't get the job. You should dress trendy not trashy.

29 - it clearly says in the fml that they were asked to come to the interview in the clothes they intend to wear duing the job, (by the employer) i dont see how people are missing this when they read the fml...

*listen all of y'all its a sabotage!!!* sorry fml community that song has been ringing in my head like a banana phone!

#35, I have never asked what to wear top job interview, because I was taught in middle school, high school, job employment centers, career centers, and unemployment offices throughout the U.S to ALWAYS wear business professional clothes to an interview. It doesn't matter if friends/family work for the company, YOU ALWAYS wear business casual. You want to appear professional. When I interviewed for my first job at Burger King when I was 15, I wore dress pants and a dress shirt(no tie), and while waiting, noticed everyone else(about 5 other people) wore jeans and T-shirts, guess who got the job? That's right, I did, and the main reason? Because I appeared professional.

even when I worked retail, you NEVER wear jeans to an interview. Ever...

Steve95401 49

Even if the office has a casual dress policy, you should have worn a business suit for your interview.

can someone explain then why it says in the fml that op was specifically required to come in dressed for the job?

36 - It means they were supposed to come dressed appropriately, as if they were going to be working there.

I'm guessing because too many people turn up looking like they got dragged through a hedge. Dress for the job you want, so in other words, always wear a suit. Even if it's just a supermarket.

38 - which is exactly what the op did, except the fact they had the wrong dress code in mind.

My dad always tells me how he went for a carpentry job and he got it cause he was the only one dressed in a suit.

toxicckiwii 16

YDI because... Who has ever watched an office show where people wear jeans ? ✌️

TV shows aren't very realistic. I've been to plenty of offices where the employees dress casually.

Michael Scott preferred his jeans dry cleaned..

I think your friend left out the 'business' in business casual.

Well... There's a complete difference between "business casual" and normal casual. I.e. Business casual: a suit without the jacket. Normal casual: what you wore. Sorry OP! Just remember to double check in the future and always be prepared, and slacks can also work. Just not jeans. :/