By jobless - 30/06/2019 22:01

Today, I had my first interview after weeks of applying everywhere, but I got turned away for being "inappropriately dressed" for the interview. I was wearing the smartest clothes I own. FML
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You weren't wearing Conor McGregor's "**** You" suit by mistake, were you?

I cannot imagine what you were wearing. interesting you didnt add that piece of info.

"Inappropriate"..."smartest clothes I own"...? Did you wear fashion clothes to an industrual site, OP? Anybody remember Zoolander, when he is trying to work in the coal mine? LMAO But seriously OP, WTF did they find fault with? Don't leave us all to die of curiosity!

" was wearing the smartest clothes I own." This statement means absolutely nothing. For all we know, your smartest clothes could be a pair of daisy dukes and a halter top.

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My dad was in the hospital for a few weeks and as his health care proxy (& the fact that he is useless when it comes to that stuff 😂) I was there almost the entire time. Nurses, doctors and aides always asked if I was his wife or sister - I wish we responded this way! 😂

What's "smart clothes"? Also what were you applying for? What were you actually wearing? When applying for a creative job, you might not want to show up in very formal clothes, for example.