By santa_maria - Reunion
Today, I had an interview for an internship at an independent lawyer's office. Hoping to increase my chances of being hired, I dressed up sexily with a short skirt, high heels, and ample cleavage. Turns out his wife handles the interviews. FML
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  marinus_fml  |  19

You don't need to dress sexy to wash dishes and serve people coffee. Because that the job I'd give you if you tried to seduce me into giving you a job.

Back to the kitchen for you, until you find a job without having to be a cocktease.

Oh yeahhh I just did

  ZimZim119  |  0

I hate how people hire based on what they're wearing. It should be based on skills. If I have to hire slutty looking woman at work, then god dammit it's a sacrifice my wife I have to make!

  aFatFuck  |  0

No, if anything it would make them not like you. You're applying for a fairly difficult job then it's just gonna make you look like a dumb whore.... which I'm guessing you are.

  sxe_beast  |  11

But sometimes demeaning your gender is a good way to get ahead :D!