By santa_maria - 25/08/2011 21:45 - Reunion

Today, I had an interview for an internship at an independent lawyer's office. Hoping to increase my chances of being hired, I dressed up sexily with a short skirt, high heels, and ample cleavage. Turns out his wife handles the interviews. FML
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Did she like your outfit?

Wow. I hope you didn't get the internship for demeaning women like that.


Did she like your outfit?

Of course she did! Everybody loves girls in skirts.

Thats pretty much the definition of attention whore.

Yeah she got a boner

You don't need to dress sexy to wash dishes and serve people coffee. Because that the job I'd give you if you tried to seduce me into giving you a job. Back to the kitchen for you, until you find a job without having to be a cocktease. Oh yeahhh I just did

coffeygirl12 14

God, women complain about not being treated fairly & stuff. Come on, what do you expect is going to happen when you dress like that to go to work?

dsbs 9

Sounds like a porno to me

I hate how people hire based on what they're wearing. It should be based on skills. If I have to hire slutty looking woman at work, then god dammit it's a sacrifice my wife I have to make!

Not a good idea to attempt to improve your chances by looking like a whore.

Tell us you were hired, and we'll all know something new about you and his wife.


NTimmy 2

And how did she handle it?

Nice try! People love hoes...

aFatFuck 0

No, if anything it would make them not like you. You're applying for a fairly difficult job then it's just gonna make you look like a dumb whore.... which I'm guessing you are.

IndiRae 9

And I'm guessing you're a fat fuck.

I'm more of a lawn blower guy myself...

Lol you people are amazing. Look up sarcasm on the web. People and their humor now days. Obviously that's a terrible idea to dress like that..

And no I'm 6' 165. Not fat but might go bald some day...say a prayer for me!

btnhdude 0

I like this guy.. IndiRae fuck you ... dirty hoe! (swoops back up with foot) I'm sorry I love you. (lame movie refference)

Ugh YDI tired of hearing these

Agreed.No one likes an attention whore

ohhhhhh man. plan b- find new job

Same here, how is dressing like a whore going to get you anywhere in life?

Same here, how is dressing like a whore going to get you anywhere in life?

coffeygirl12 14

...uh look at ur profile pic...???

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You can't turn a hoe into a lawyer

jumble 12

If she wants to act like a hoe, shouldn't she be outside with all the other lawn work tools?

You raise a valid point!

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There are times when it's ok to look sexy, but during an interview is NOT one of those things.

I soooo agree with #80

Wow. I hope you didn't get the internship for demeaning women like that.

sxe_beast 11

But sometimes demeaning your gender is a good way to get ahead :D!

crazyrunnergirl 7

Good for a thought not a action

CoffeeZ 0

Way to set women back a couple dozen decades. YDI

I still place women on a pedestal. so i can see up their dress....

Even if it wasn't his wife handling the interviews, he would probably would have noted inappropriate dress and your chances of hire would decrease. ALWAYS be professional.