By Anonyme - 27/03/2015 09:50 - France - Laill

Today, when I woke up, I got into the bath that my boyfriend had prepared for me. I particularly appreciated its smell, so I asked him what he'd used. "I couldn't find the usual bath salts you use, so I just used what I could." It's official, I've taken a Alka-Seltzer flavored bath. FML
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#30, does it make it better if I say I meant that maybe he was unsure of what his girl would have liked since he couldn't find what she normally has, so instead of going and getting something that she may not have liked, he tried something else.

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Hey, she's a girl, why isn't she in the kitchen? (See how it sounds?)

Well, it's not sexist if it's true. Guys tend to not try as hard. Women tended to be in the kitchen while their man was at work. Now with the changing times, girls and guys spend about "equal times" in the kitchen (however, women still spend more time in the kitchen more than men).

#30 I guess that's technically sexist, but I don't think anyone would get that offended by implying that guys don't know much about bath salts..

Well, how does it sound if I say girls know a lot about Sandwiches? sexist, right? exactly.

I am pretty sure that is a tad different. I think the reply chain was kind of wasted here. She makes a very valid point. Guys, ( including myself ) can be stupid at times or even clueless.

You must be new to Fml? I didn't see it as sexist. I saw it as my husband would have no idea and would probably put kitchen salt in there as a 'bath salt'. Some guys just generally don't know about girl stuff. For instance I would have no idea how to pull apart a car engine, most guys I know. Know how to do that.

would it be considered sexist then, if someone said that 'since you are a girl you dont know much abour repairing cars' .. ?

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Lol sexist? sure whatever, true in my case? most definitely lol bath salts? thats a foreign concept to me.

It's untrue to say guys don't try as hard as women most of the time. There are as many hard working guys as girls, and as many lazy girls as guys

wow #64 "this is true for some guys so it's not sexist. how new are you to this site?" this is what you sound like

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You'll be minty fresh for the day ahead.

Idk she may have heart burn. Depends on what she ate and if she ingested the bath water.

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But who drinks bath water just to drink it. That's gross. Maybe on accident but not on purpose.

Dude it's a joke... It's not intended to be serious.

#93, the post talks about the taste, implying OP tasted it. (though I highly doubt they did)

You should give him a hug for trying, tell him you appreciated it, but for next time use the bath salt from... He give it his best try haha

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Hey, it's better than most people would do. At least he didn't give up on trying to make a nice bath for op. I think op might have found a keeper

He must have done well if you had to ask to find out what it was!

I don't think that meant he did a good job, I think it meant OP was curious

That doesn't sound half bad! All the bubbles it'd make would be like a mini jacuzzi :) For a few minutes anyway.

Agreed. It actually sounds strangely therapeutic.

OP's boyfriend might be onto something here... it does sound kind of nice and OP never objected until she found out what it was.

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Awwww that is so sweet :) at least he tried. He deserves a kiss