By NehNehPwn - 24/06/2014 15:09 - Canada - Toronto

Today, our dishwasher door broke. My mom made me sit there for an hour straight, holding the door shut so it would work. FML
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NehNehPwn tells us more.

NehNehPwn 20

For se reason some was cut off. If I left it to get a chair or anything it would pop open and restart the whole cycle (30 min cycles) my mom went in the shower so she couldn't get me anything. Another thing is I was able to sit on the floor to use my phone (thank God). Finally, due to being anaphylactic to milk and eggs, I could not have wash the dishes (my family still eats them) Thanks for commenting and have a nice day everyone!

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Why not put something heavy against it?

cryssycakesx3 22

I think she did....


Why not put something heavy against it?

cryssycakesx3 22

I think she did....

#1, thumbed you down instead of up by accident. my thoughts exactly. #18 nice one :)

Or just put a chair up to it and sit on it and play on your phone.

incoherentrmblr 21

This is why they invented duct tape...

ChristianH39 30

Why not wash the dishes by hand?

That's what they did!

Maybe, you could sit with your back to it and use your phone or hand held games.

think smarter not harder

NehNehPwn 20

I'm a dude

NotGabe 28

The substantial thoughtfulness of this comment astounds me. I applaud you, sir.

You could have just hit the button that says "I agree your life sucks".

But then all of us in the FML community wouldn't know he was surprised before pressing the button.

A07 48

Hate to state the obvious, but could'nt you have used a chair with some weight on top of it to keep it closed?

I think the reality of getting something to block the door so it's completely shut is much harder than the thought. Remember if the door opens even a few centimetres than the kitchen floods.

Wouldn't the obvious thing to do is actually wash the dishes? You know, manually?

duct tape is love, duct tape is life

if the women don't find you handsome, they might as well find you handy! -red green

More people need to utilize this wonderful invention. Where would we be without it?!

depending on the dishwasher, the duct tape might leave a residue on the dishwasher. Just prop some weight on the door until you get the door fixed.

amaindayyy46 20

Thanks for reminding me of that creepy video -.-

It would've taken a lot less time if one of you had just washed them in the sink.

I'm thinking the mom, for some reason, didn't want to allow that so she made OP hold the door.

A lot less of whose time? Maybe the OP's mom doesn't care as long as HER OWN time isn't wasted.

qdawg06 23

It would have been easier to just hand wash the dishes, would it not?

RedPillSucks 31

except the water doesn't get hot enough to sterilize the dishes when you do it by hand. I think leaning a chair or something against the door would have been better

Or you can just use antibacterial soap...

Sterilize... the dishes? Do you live in a hospital? Basic hygiene is a good and necessary thing, but you can take it too far.

I hand wash the dishes and I would honestly prefer to lean against a dishwasher for an hour rather than wash them

Hand washing dishes is horrible. I need a dishwasher.

91hayek 31

Hand washing dishes is my guilty pleasure. I know it wastes a lot more water but it's really therapeutic and calming. I don't tell people this because then they want me to do all their dishes as well.

Aero_x 21

You take "lazy" to a whole nother level

so... uh... 62... would you be so kind as to wash my dishes? since you enjoy it, and i dont. ill give you pizza. i think it's a fair trade

91hayek 31

Only if it is deep dished. And don't worry I'll wash that dish too.

#62, wow. I'm the exact opposite; I loathe hand washing dishes. I'm not a squeamish person, but for some reason dish washing can make feel physically ill, depending on how much food is stuck to whatever it is I'm trying to wash. I work in food service at an amusement park, and I always choose the smaller higher-maintenance stands over the larger ones just so I won't have to wash dishes at the end of the night. Or at least as little as possible.

91hayek 31

Well there is a limit though. An industrial number of dishes is pretty huge and I'd have a problem with them too, but if you're paying me just get out of the way and I'll get it done. I just rinse everything, scrape everything off and then put my headphones on and I get on with it. It's just motor skills and repetitive action that I like. As long as I don't stop or slow down or someone interrupts me, I am in my zone and washing to my heart's content. I absolutely hate it when I have to stop and then come back and the water is cold and all the bubbles have gone and I have to restart.

Actually it wastes way less water.

Personally I'd rather do that than wash the little ******* by hand. Every time.

guess you earned your food for the night. i probably would have wedged something against it though.

markcallanan_ 20

Tell her to pay up

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