By an egg - 30/10/2015 13:43 - United States - Livonia

Today, when I went out to get some groceries with my mother, a small girl came up to me and said I was an "ugly egg" because I'm a bald girl. I had to shave my head in order to have brain surgery to relieve me of the symptoms of my neurological disorder. FML
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mcaisse77 17

Parents should teach their children not to be rude

whatarethisss 23

It's a kid OP, don't take it to heart. You had to do what you had to do.


whatarethisss 23

It's a kid OP, don't take it to heart. You had to do what you had to do.

Some people need reminding that true beauty comes from their behaviour and with behaviour like that, any beauty she may possess will fade very quickly.

True beauty is being beautiful inside and out. What your thinking of is inner beauty.

I already find you less attractive just by this comment, even though I've never seen you and have no idea what you look like. You continue to think that way, don't ever share that with my children though.

mcaisse77 17

Parents should teach their children not to be rude

chrisbeaudoin 26

We can only hope that the kid got in trouble for that

It's not that easy. Little children often have no idea theyre being rude. I bet the kid got scolded afterwards.

Abatu 4

or better yet teach people that theirs more to life than looks and being fat, bald or ugly isn't the end of the world and not something to take so famn seriously not everyone is going to look hot/beautiful so why care if you aren't?

Kids tell it as it is, but if this is the case you(OP) should explain it as best as you possibly can to a child, if the still say that then they are just a brat.

sugarsweetroses 10

Children really have no filter

It sucks that she said that, but you have to remember she's just a little girl. I don't think she knows what she said is mean or hurtful, or if she did then she's a mean girl. And Tbh your very brave for going out, I know quite a few people who wouldn't have the courage.

meli1195 31

I think parents should start teaching children not to say mean things since they're small though. after a while it becomes a habit and then you have rude adults.

fotomiep 7

Really? I would think any kid knows calling someone ugly is mean. And it's even worse that she's still young. If they say things like this when they're still really young, I don't want to know what they'll say when their vocabulary has expanded.

My mum always brings up a memory of when I was on the train with her, and there was a woman sitting across from us with bright red lipstick. I was about 4, and I loudly asked my mum 'MUMMY, WHY DOES THAT WOMAN'S LIPS LOOK LIKE A MONKEY'S BOTTOM?' To this day, my mum is glad I learnt Vietnamese (her mother tongue) before I learnt English.

Just hang in there Don't listen to that girl You're not ugly

Not everyone will understand OP, especially kids. But it's very strong of you to be able to do that. Best of luck with the surgery.

They might have to find a doctor for that kid pretty soon too.

Sounds like she presented you with the perfect opportunity to show her your bandages/scar, smile with wide eyes, and say, "I guess they could put me back together after all!"

Small girl or not, I would've responded she has an ugly personnality and that unlike shaved hair that can grow back, she's stuck with it.

Yes, because insulting a little girl who doesn't know any better is exactly the right way to teach her a valuable lesson. As long as that lesson is that you're a huge dick.

I'm sorry but I think children are persons. Not mature fully developed ones, but if that girl was old enough to wander on her own to talk to strangers, she's old enough to have made this kind of comment knowing how hurtfull it could be.

usnwife 18

Who said the girl was on her own? She could uave just taken a couple steps toward OP amd still been by her mom... and as a mom of 4 little kids I can easily say that no matter how hard you try to teach right from wrong they will always say wjat pops into their head before they can think it through. my 6 yr old is just now starting to understand. I always take a bad experience like this one and explain how everyone is different but we are all still the same on the inside, it isnt nice to say things like that, etc, but that doesn't stop it from coming out of their mouths!

if it was a little girl just tell her it's your Halloween costume or something. kids are innocent

I wouldn't, I'd explain it isn't nice and why op's head is shaved. Telling her it's a Halloween costume does nothing or even encourages it. Use it as an opportunity for lessons on behavior and empathy.