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i tought i taw a putty tat

Of course not, the cat owns you.


i tought i taw a putty tat

Damn Garfield. He is at it again.

16 *facepalm* its Sylvester

-Facepalm- 49. 16 Was referring to the FML, not 1. Stupid Justin Beiber!

#1 is a winner. Nice comment and it wasn't "first!"

Do you own a small dog that chases yarn?

can't control your pussy?

ahahaha that was actually a good one

lol I was gonna say that XD

.miss bunny ur really hott

12 year old? really? /facepalm

haha good luck. maybe you can pick out some hawt gurls at the playground.

get a dog... ur cat problem will be over!

My kitties scare the neighborhood dogs.

OP should dress up as a cat and attack the postman.

no cats scare my boxers! -stupid cats lol #39 best idea ever!

I would buy some camo clothing, get an AK-47, hide in a bush, wait for the cat to come then FIRE AT WILL! (No, not Will Smith.)

#54 that's not psycho at all!!!

That's their lame excuse :/

Set a bear trap up with some kitteh food. Problem solved.

That's a good idea!

here's a thought, tell the postman or the mail company that cat isn't yours.. omg now there's an idea for ya :o

mind bottling

Mind bottling? Are you serious?

Moor on. Dammit, you people took the good ones.

I was drinking a bottle of cherry-flavored mind just as I read that

I'm confused :(

Kay. You are dumb lmao.

I'm not dumb... im flighty... big difference xD lmao

Did you uh, tell them that?

Of course not, the cat owns you.

In Soviet Russia?

mabey u do and just dont kno it!