By notacatperson - 01/03/2011 10:41 - United Kingdom

Today, I was informed that due to my cat being aggressive and attacking the postman several times, my mail would no longer be delivered to my address. I don't own a cat. FML
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i tought i taw a putty tat

perdix 29

Of course not, the cat owns you.


i tought i taw a putty tat

Damn Garfield. He is at it again.

16 *facepalm* its Sylvester

therealdavid 0

-Facepalm- 49. 16 Was referring to the FML, not 1. Stupid Justin Beiber!

#1 is a winner. Nice comment and it wasn't "first!"

sourgirl101 28

Do you own a small dog that chases yarn?

leadrunner751 3

haha (:

can't control your pussy?

ahahaha that was actually a good one

lol I was gonna say that XD

luke1998 0

.miss bunny ur really hott

12 year old? really? /facepalm

haha good luck. maybe you can pick out some hawt gurls at the playground.

get a dog... ur cat problem will be over!

Lizza330 28

My kitties scare the neighborhood dogs.

WallyTheWombat 0

OP should dress up as a cat and attack the postman.

no cats scare my boxers! -stupid cats lol #39 best idea ever!

Blaze177 0

I would buy some camo clothing, get an AK-47, hide in a bush, wait for the cat to come then FIRE AT WILL! (No, not Will Smith.)

#54 that's not psycho at all!!!

That's their lame excuse :/

AlienX_fml 0

Set a bear trap up with some kitteh food. Problem solved.

Gondile 4

That's a good idea!

here's a thought, tell the postman or the mail company that cat isn't yours.. omg now there's an idea for ya :o

mind bottling

SirEBC 7

Mind bottling? Are you serious?

hatepineapple 14

Dumb mast.

CommonSenseKarma 17

Moor on. Dammit, you people took the good ones.

Thabb 0

I was drinking a bottle of cherry-flavored mind just as I read that

I'm confused :(

meowmeowwkitty 0

Kay. You are dumb lmao.

I'm not dumb... im flighty... big difference xD lmao

Did you uh, tell them that?

perdix 29

Of course not, the cat owns you.

davek 36

In Soviet Russia?

sup3rmann 0

mabey u do and just dont kno it!