By peeoncarl1111 - United States

Admission time

Today, I got my wisdom teeth cut out. While my girlfriend was driving me home, I, still being high on the laughing gas, accidentally admitted to cheating on her. She was kind enough to wait until the numbness wore off before she punched me in the face. FML
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  auto_da_fe  |  2

Some use laughing gas if they have extreme difficulty trying to find the vein to put the IV in. Every time I've needed an IV, whoever is trying to place it can't find my vein (Eventually they do, but it takes ages.)

  silkky  |  0

seeing how there are like 5 pages of responses im going to put this here :).. yes he deserves it.. but only cause he totally made it up from a scenario from icarly ( where Sam gets the laughing gas and admits she kissed Freddy)..notice the name peeoncarl another icarly episode..yes I have kids.. wow who does that.. lame!!! lol

  scrapmetal58  |  9

My wisdom teeth were so impacted that I had to take an oral sedative, IV sedative, and nitrous oxide. The sites didn't stop bleeding for over two weeks and I also suffered from two dry sockets. Sucked giant balls.


Ha I say he is lucky to be alive. See if it were my fml it would have gone like this "Today, my boyfriend got his wisdom teeth out and accidently admitted to cheating while high on laughing gas. Now I have to get a new car after tying him up and pushing it off a cliff. FML."

By  kcnutt10  |  1

Fuck YOUR life? No. YDI. You fucking douche! This may come as a shock to you, but women have feelings too. If you love or want to be with someone else, then just break-up with your girlfriend. It's that simple. Yea, it may cause her pain from the break-up, but not near as much pain if she realized you cheated on her. It's douche bags like you that make it hard for the few good men out there who actually respect women. Eat shit! I hope she dumped your sorry, pathetic ass.


Actually, in marriage, approximately 21% of men have admitted to infidelity and 14% of women have.
That's a fairly consistent statistic, too.
So I don't know where you're getting your information from.
Unless you do not live in America. That's a statistic for America.

  wishiwazritch  |  3

I would be interested to know where you found this "fact"? The Facts are that testosterone is the sex hormone which causes you to feel horny...and women only have about 1/20th as much as men do. Bottom line men cheat because they're horny pigs who can't control themselves, and women cheat because they've been hurt and want to emotionally get back at the guy. Neither one is better but nonetheless you're fucking retarded.

  0D0R0  |  4

Of course I am not from the United States.
A current study in the United Kingdom shows that every fifth woman, but only every ninth man cheats on his/her partner.

@#209 - People cheat because they are not satisfied with their sexual life - men as well as women.
... and watch your mouth, you sound like a pubescent, infantile child.


Well I'm not going to bother looking that up, I'll just trust you on it.
Like I said though, here in America, men are dirty cheaters.
And America is one the the few countries that have a huge problem with infidelity. Many other countries don't think it's so bad to sleep with someone else.
And this post was from the US, so you have to take geography into account when responding to the FML and the comments of the FML.

  kcnutt10  |  1

259: Yea, there actually is. I'm not trying to be egotistical or anything like that, but I am one of them. I don't use women to get into their pants. I have the utmost respect for them. When I tell my girlfriend that I love her, I really and truly mean it. We are now engaged, but when we first started dating I told her that I would wait until after marriage to make love to her, if that's what she wanted. I proved myself to her and she realized that we were meant for each other, and we've had sex. But I told her I'd wait for her because I actually love her. As for you, don't give up hope. I promise you that there are other guys like that out there. It's going to take some time and some searching, but he'll come along sooner or later. Patience is key.

  FThatLife001  |  0

The difference between men and women is that women have an unrealistic perception about the other sex.
They always want a perfect partner, don't find one, so men are always the assholes, although women are not a bit better ... but men can accept that.

  Canchan  |  12

I hate you, bitch. At first, I just thought you were argumentative; but then I realized that you are just a contradictory bitch. Every thing that someone has to say, you say the opposite of it. Why?!

  AryannaT  |  6

so #284, you're saying that only women look for perfect men but not the other way around? you think that men don't look for perfect women? that's rude to say that women are the only ones like that and that's why men are assholes. sometimes they just are

By  skorpien  |  1

"Accidentally" admitted cheating on her? So, not only are you a cheater but also a lying scumbag that would have continued lying had you not been doped up? Oh yeaaah… you definitely didn't have that coming to you at all! She's such a bitch for feeling hurt and wanting to hurt you back in kind. You poor soul! </sarcasm>