What a catch!

By Ethan92 - 29/04/2021 01:59

Today, I had the best time of my life with the girl of my dreams. I took her out to lunch, we went to the beach to jetski and had a romantic walk. It was the perfect day. Then, in the evening, I had to go home to my boring wife. FML
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you are trash, and your wife deserves better

then leave her ? wtf . you sound stupid as hell


then leave her ? wtf . you sound stupid as hell

you are trash, and your wife deserves better

You can separate yourself from her. I'm not really gonna vote on this cause there could be more to the story but simply divorce from her if it's such a drag.

peithecelt 28

yeah, my sympathy is with your wife for having a cheater for a husband (if the walk was romantic, you were cheating, even if you never touched her).

RichfungusV3 2

Shut up. Simply walking isn’t cheating

lmaoooo, I can't tell if this is bait or not.

I hope your wife catches you, leaves you, and f**** up the other woman so you won't have anyone

rotflqtms_ 21

Well, we don't know that the other woman even knows OP is a cheating Scumbag. She doesn't have a commitment to the wife, OP does. Men/cheaters should be held accountable for their actions. Who knows? She could know, but then again, she may not. I wouldn't jump to violence against another woman over it though. Not worth the jail time for the small satisfaction it may bring. He made a commitment to his wife. It's his job to honor that commitment or break it off. Literally the worst thing you can do to me in a relationship is be abusive or cheat. If you feel like you're about to cheat on me, have the curtsey to break up with me first. I'd rather that than to be cheated on. I'm not gonna cling onto someone who wants someone else. If we have kids together, be in their lives and help out, other than that, bye felicia.

ok then I hope the wife catches him, clues in the other woman, and they both leave him. that better?

bleachedraven 14

Is this an open marriage, or one of financial convenience in which neither are emotionally invested in? If not, you're just a huge dick.

Eh, people change, relationships are tough. Good luck out there.

Should have thought twice before you married, eh?

You're a dick. I hope she finds out, leaves you, and you lose everything.