By Ishii - 07/02/2010 18:58 - Canada

Today, I found out that, if timed just right, the alarm function on my phone can be disabled by a text message. And my dad has an impeccable sense of timing. I was 20 minutes late for work. FML
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Lol wow, what are the odds, that sux big time =P

I found this utterly hilarious.


zomgkatie 0

haha fail.

Crush89 0

and you have time to fml....

WTF didn't u hear the text... fake.

If I'm asleep and I hear the sound from a text I just ignore it and go back to sleep, if however I hear the sound my alarm makes I proceed to actually get out of bed.

Text usually vibrates once, alarm 10! times. Ringtone will go off the same way. Dumbass. Note: this was a reply to 28, or 26. Fuck I can't see the number on my iPod Touch.

JustABoss_fml 0

You know, not everyone has the same phone as you? Which means not everyones' texts make the same noise? Just thought you should know.

JustABoss_fml 0

That was to #26.

tobyraza 0

This was written pretty late, do you work a night shift?

If a phone is going to have an alarm, the alarm is going to ring for a long time. When you get a text, it will usually only ring 1-2 times. I'm just trying to show #26 how it wasn't fake. There's a difference between 10 rings and 2.

lol I'm second :)

#29 get the app callex "fml official" its free and you can see everything. its desugned for ipod touch/iphone. thats what im using now

Dominodev 3

not fake happens to me all the time

WhatANoob 0

fml offical FTW


sterl13 0

fuck me hard

boyguydudemalema 0

i call fake


YOUR FAKE number 26

maybe you can learn from this, go buy an alarm clock stupid!!! and also i won 5600 dollars off the super bowl pool at my work.

pcgeek 0

I hate those fags who scream that everything is fake. your reason for being alive is fake.

ravensunnyd 0

well if your twenty minute late a few more won't make a diference

I keep my phone on silent, so I don't hear any texts or calls, but the alarm will still ring.

this is 2010 who doesn't use their phone as their alarm? get with the times grandpa

pwincessa23 1

watching the jersey shore. i know it has nothing to do with this fml but i dont care...

jakeidk 0

just because it says today doesn't mean it actually happened TODAY it's a requirement to start an FML with today you dumbasses

that's actually happened to me b4

austo97 0

alexandriaa your hhhoooottttt and right now I'm not gonna be perverted and say fuck me or any thing

tobyraza 0

This was in Canada, pendatic.

goldenglove 0

123 all the way. btw there's this thing called silent? heard of it? yeah exactly, you can't!

ericshun313 0

ya I no get ur ass off fml and get to work

Professor59 2

You can never be so late for work that there isn't time to log on and whine about it to strangers.

christa953 12

maybe u should get off fml and go to work?

Cruz_gurlz1 you should go fake, it would look better

hope4evr16 0


then why are you on fml?

fjoson 0

haha good point!

he probably wrote this after his shift. or maybe he wrote it at a stoplight during his commute. god damn.

FreakingFYou 13

he would say I WAS 20 minutes late. it would take to long to do at a stoplight unless it was extremely heavy traffic.

GeoThermalSleuth 0

4th. okay I know ... Pethetic.

killabee 0

No, don't worry, you're not "pethetic".

splydoms, are you just an alias for snickerdoodles? If not, then it's just eerie how similar you two are.

only when it is a complete sentence is it inside the quotes, not just a single word. way to go though, grammar nazi.

Hahahaha, splydoms got owned.

Just a quick note: I wasn't trying to poke fun at splydoms and/or snickerdoodles, I was just curious. I think snickerdoodles is awesome.

realggirl 0

Not that it matters on a site like this where text speech is the norm, but the period does go inside the quotation marks, even if it's just one word.

TheDaveCA 1

realggirl, it's actually valid to put punctuation inside or outside the quotes, depending on whether or not you're quoting the punctuation. If it's ambiguous or irrelevant than it's a style choice.

GeoThermalSleuth 0

Oh My God! Another grammar war!? It's the Internet who cares?

Luvin_life_17 0

4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!but that sucks your phone is retarded

GeoThermalSleuth 0

No I'm Fourth. Yay I win.

You both lose.

AngryNinja 1

merrhhhh. you made me lose the game. ~sigh~

no, u won the game, oh wait, nevermind...

xDinoCakex 0

Damn I lost.

MF12 0

he means he was 4th

dudeitsdanny 9

No, the Colts lost. =X

i know how did they lose wtf, i bet on them and everything

cowgod 0

colts got owned!!!! >:D

I won $500 on the coin toss.

Damn i lost the game.

Lol wow, what are the odds, that sux big time =P

sterl13 0

fuck me hard

you're late, but have time to post this on FML? nice.

JustinKingr 0

ugh this was probably posted at the end of the day after work

Luvin_life_17 0

no @GeoThermalSleuth u stole my place u jackass i swer i pressed spill the beans first i kno that i did

GeoThermalSleuth 0

Jeez. it's just a Number. I Number that I got first. Therefore I Win!

MermaidSongXOXO 6

Pshh, yeah it's your dad's fault you're 20 minutes late and not the fact you're on FML. It's fun to blame, isn't it? :]

boatkicker 4

They probably didn't post it right away. They probably just wrote it as if it was happening right then.

Ajjas013 6

About 90% of FML's can be resolved with an ass whooping. So can this one.

You are so fucking creepy lookin remove that pic please

newsgit 0

damn, you made me look at it. What has been seen, cannot be unseen...

AngryNinja 1

ahh. ajj, you've passed perdix thanks to this comment. i can't agree more.

Towelie_31 0

lol i g2 agree with 56 and 65

I feel bad for the guy on the left.

Ajjas013 6

Ok... I can't pass perdix. Ever. So don't say I have. You guys are mean >_< LOL I feel bad for my friend too. I'll just change it.

AngryNinja 1

damn. when will people stop claiming numbers? OMFG I AM #13!!!!! ~squeallllll~ seriously. anyways. well that sucks. time for a real alarm clock?  

boatkicker 4

actually you're 13th. Sorry. Had to. lol.

AngryNinja 1

literally editted as you sent in that comment. you got the idea. ;)