By Ishii - 07/02/2010 18:58 - Canada

Today, I found out that, if timed just right, the alarm function on my phone can be disabled by a text message. And my dad has an impeccable sense of timing. I was 20 minutes late for work. FML
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Lol wow, what are the odds, that sux big time =P

I found this utterly hilarious.


and you have time to fml....

WTF didn't u hear the text... fake.

If I'm asleep and I hear the sound from a text I just ignore it and go back to sleep, if however I hear the sound my alarm makes I proceed to actually get out of bed.

Text usually vibrates once, alarm 10! times. Ringtone will go off the same way. Dumbass. Note: this was a reply to 28, or 26. Fuck I can't see the number on my iPod Touch.

You know, not everyone has the same phone as you? Which means not everyones' texts make the same noise? Just thought you should know.

That was to #26.

This was written pretty late, do you work a night shift?

If a phone is going to have an alarm, the alarm is going to ring for a long time. When you get a text, it will usually only ring 1-2 times. I'm just trying to show #26 how it wasn't fake. There's a difference between 10 rings and 2.

lol I'm second :)

#29 get the app callex "fml official" its free and you can see everything. its desugned for ipod touch/iphone. thats what im using now

not fake happens to me all the time

fml offical FTW


fuck me hard

YOUR FAKE number 26

maybe you can learn from this, go buy an alarm clock stupid!!! and also i won 5600 dollars off the super bowl pool at my work.

I hate those fags who scream that everything is fake. your reason for being alive is fake.

well if your twenty minute late a few more won't make a diference

I keep my phone on silent, so I don't hear any texts or calls, but the alarm will still ring.

this is 2010 who doesn't use their phone as their alarm? get with the times grandpa

watching the jersey shore. i know it has nothing to do with this fml but i dont care...

just because it says today doesn't mean it actually happened TODAY it's a requirement to start an FML with today you dumbasses

that's actually happened to me b4

alexandriaa your hhhoooottttt and right now I'm not gonna be perverted and say fuck me or any thing

This was in Canada, pendatic.

123 all the way. btw there's this thing called silent? heard of it? yeah exactly, you can't!

ya I no get ur ass off fml and get to work

You can never be so late for work that there isn't time to log on and whine about it to strangers.

maybe u should get off fml and go to work?

Cruz_gurlz1 you should go fake, it would look better

then why are you on fml?

haha good point!

he probably wrote this after his shift. or maybe he wrote it at a stoplight during his commute. god damn.

he would say I WAS 20 minutes late. it would take to long to do at a stoplight unless it was extremely heavy traffic.

4th. okay I know ... Pethetic.

No, don't worry, you're not "pethetic".

splydoms, are you just an alias for snickerdoodles? If not, then it's just eerie how similar you two are.

only when it is a complete sentence is it inside the quotes, not just a single word. way to go though, grammar nazi.

Hahahaha, splydoms got owned.

Just a quick note: I wasn't trying to poke fun at splydoms and/or snickerdoodles, I was just curious. I think snickerdoodles is awesome.

Not that it matters on a site like this where text speech is the norm, but the period does go inside the quotation marks, even if it's just one word.

realggirl, it's actually valid to put punctuation inside or outside the quotes, depending on whether or not you're quoting the punctuation. If it's ambiguous or irrelevant than it's a style choice.

Oh My God! Another grammar war!? It's the Internet who cares?

4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!but that sucks your phone is retarded

No I'm Fourth. Yay I win.

You both lose.

merrhhhh. you made me lose the game. ~sigh~

no, u won the game, oh wait, nevermind...

he means he was 4th

No, the Colts lost. =X

i know how did they lose wtf, i bet on them and everything

colts got owned!!!! >:D

I won $500 on the coin toss.

Damn i lost the game.

Lol wow, what are the odds, that sux big time =P

fuck me hard

you're late, but have time to post this on FML? nice.

ugh this was probably posted at the end of the day after work

no @GeoThermalSleuth u stole my place u jackass i swer i pressed spill the beans first i kno that i did

Jeez. it's just a Number. I Number that I got first. Therefore I Win!

Pshh, yeah it's your dad's fault you're 20 minutes late and not the fact you're on FML. It's fun to blame, isn't it? :]

They probably didn't post it right away. They probably just wrote it as if it was happening right then.

Ajjas013 6

About 90% of FML's can be resolved with an ass whooping. So can this one.

You are so fucking creepy lookin remove that pic please

damn, you made me look at it. What has been seen, cannot be unseen...

ahh. ajj, you've passed perdix thanks to this comment. i can't agree more.

lol i g2 agree with 56 and 65

I feel bad for the guy on the left.

Ajjas013 6

Ok... I can't pass perdix. Ever. So don't say I have. You guys are mean >_< LOL I feel bad for my friend too. I'll just change it.

damn. when will people stop claiming numbers? OMFG I AM #13!!!!! ~squeallllll~ seriously. anyways. well that sucks. time for a real alarm clock?  

actually you're 13th. Sorry. Had to. lol.

literally editted as you sent in that comment. you got the idea. ;)