By Ishii - / Sunday 7 February 2010 18:58 / Canada
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  Anteezy  |  7

If I'm asleep and I hear the sound from a text I just ignore it and go back to sleep, if however I hear the sound my alarm makes I proceed to actually get out of bed.

  Person1233  |  12

Text usually vibrates once, alarm 10! times. Ringtone will go off the same way. Dumbass.

Note: this was a reply to 28, or 26. Fuck I can't see the number on my iPod Touch.

  Person1233  |  12

If a phone is going to have an alarm, the alarm is going to ring for a long time. When you get a text, it will usually only ring 1-2 times. I'm just trying to show #26 how it wasn't fake. There's a difference between 10 rings and 2.

  TheDaveCA  |  0

realggirl, it's actually valid to put punctuation inside or outside the quotes, depending on whether or not you're quoting the punctuation. If it's ambiguous or irrelevant than it's a style choice.

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