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Today, my phone died. I plugged it in to charge and then went out to run some errands. When I returned, my phone was no where to be found, and our shovel was on the floor, muddy and wet. I then discovered my 6-year old son had buried my "dead" 200$ palmpilot because he had felt sorry for me. FML
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what, you left your son alone. who was watching him?!

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I would be sooo pissed. Especially since it's hard to be mad at your kid since he was trying to help.


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#1 that's wrong. that sucks. but just go find it.

Or... the OP's son should beat YOU!

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what are you freakin amish???

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i agree if u dont hit kids they grow up to be retarted idiots id make him pay for a new 1

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hell yea, teach him not to touch your shit

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LMAO!!! I think all of you are reading this comment wrong... I'm hearing a kind of dead pan quality about it, thereby making this comment HILARIOUS to me... I think #1 just has a very interesting sense of humor... something like Paul Mooney or Chris Rock...

if they were amish they wouldnt b on the computer

You spelled "retarded" wrong, you "retarted idiot". I wasn't beaten as a child, and I'd like to think I'm not a "retarted idiot".

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what does that have anything to do with it?

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wow people obviously #1 was joking, god damn it people can't even joke about beating there kids anymore what has the world come to?

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Yeah, because a 6-year-old has the money to pay for it. Idiot. People like you and #63 (and others that are talking along the same lines), I sure hope you don't have kids... or the would be abused kids. You seem to have no understanding of children... you know that at that age, you probably didn't have the sense to know the difference. Seriously, idiots.

haha #1 is an epic win. I don't condone it, but that's just an awesome comment

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you forgot one thing, BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THE SON! "Spare the rod, spoil the child."

yes because amish people have internt. because that would make sense. *rolls eyes*

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hate to tell all you antispanking people, it did wonders for me to get whipped, I turned out fine and I got several good whipings for being a jackass. as a matter of fact I actually have done quite well for myself and credit it to some real punishment besides that timeout bullshit. I now work as law enforcement and that I contribute to true punishment, it helped me keep my record clean knowing that the concequences to my actions are serious.

I highly doubt a 6 year old can dig a hole

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Then I guess your parents didn't beat you, 51

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Uhhh.... I think a 6 year old would know that it is just an expression... But sorry for your loss...of that phone!

most wouldn't. since they don't own cell phones and palm pilots lol. i have a few 6 year old cousins. they don't know cell phone/hand held expressions because they don't own one

I have a six year old and he certainly wouldn't understand that expression. I don't think he would bury my phone either, however, but then again he also understands the difference between a living, breathing thing and say....a palm pilot.

When I was 6 I was out repairing my broken ps1 with a solder. Kids are thick as shit now.

rttr 18

my shit has actually been quite thin lately.

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I would be sooo pissed. Especially since it's hard to be mad at your kid since he was trying to help.

kittykat1501 31

This makes little sense. You get madder when you can't be mad at your kid?

Helldemon 32

Makes sense to me, they can't yell/get mad at their kid so they have no one to vent that frustration at which makes it worse.

what, you left your son alone. who was watching him?!

Kids don't need to be watched 24/7. He can go around the house without having someone helicoptering over him.

True... in which case, you should get mad at the "supervisor" for not doing a very good job, not the 6-year-old for making a mistake.

It's still not the best idea to leave a child that age home alone. Of course, this is something to suspect in a society gone haywire.

his father is probably there just not watching the kid

I'm sure his father was home, just not right where he was. Edit- Nevermind, I clearly didn't read the FML very well. Maybe someone was "watching" him while he was out running erands. Or maybe he just had to run to the store or something. I'm sure most 6 year olds can spend 5 minutes at home alone without killing themselves.

Yeah... I'm not sure about where you live, but where I live it's not actually legal to leave a six-year-old home alone.

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It isn't legal to leave a 6 yr old child at home alone. You have to be at least 13. Who was watching the child? If someone was, they obviously weren't doing a very good job of it so make them buy you a new phone ;D. If no one was watching your child, you're a ******* idiot.

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Yeah, that's definitely illegal. That, and he's six years old, so yes, he does need someone watching him. I mean, obviously, if he's digging a burial for a dead cellphone, he needs someone watching him.

It's possible he was being watched, and the babysitter just thought he was playing in the yard, not putting the phone to rest.

awww, he is so cute. YOUR foult for keeping it within his reach. haha. and i dont think it will stop working just kus you barried it. so LAWL. :)

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#6 "...our shovel was on the floor, muddy and wet." I'd assume it was raining or wet out... soo the phone was probably soaked in the process and has mud in every little opening. Id be shocked if it still worked.

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"foult kus barried"? I mean, I realize that not everyone speaks English as a first language but COME ON?!!

Why do so many people think it's cute when brat kids do brat things?

#27 Funny thing is that people who make most grammar and spelling mistakes are those for whom English actually *is* their first language...

#27 FTW . Aww , thats adorable . YDI for keeping it in your kids reach , and leaving him alone at the age of 6 .

hurdy 0

Yeah, it really isn't funny so much as it is sad.

curryndricegirll 0

it's not a brat thing. it's cute because he had good intentions. i mean, it's not like he did it on purpose, because that would be bratty. she said, "Cellphone died." So to him, death means it needs to be buried, and she said that he was doing it so she wouldn't feel bad. I don't see how that's bratty.

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That is just the cutest thing :) Sounds like you've got a very sweet and caring son.

KittenOnAcid 1

i agree thats so cute, i assume you have insurance

that's so sweet. not a FYL at all. $200 really isn't that much compared to a story you will be able to tell for decades at family reunions and thanksgiving dinner.

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Yeah, so sweet because OP totally has $200 to drop on a new palm pilot because his or her child is a retard.

you're ignorant. the kid is 6! there are many things that he isn't going to be able to grasp yet. he's not a retard at all.

ydi if for calling it 'dead' in front of a young kid

What else are you supposed to call it?

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"Just" 200?! Do you have a JOB? How old are you? Do you realize the state the economy is in? 200 dollars is quite a nice chunk of change. Imagine how many hours you'd have to work and all the shit you'd have to go through to make enough money to have enough to buy a phone in addition to all the necessities. THINK before you comment.