By fartje - 25/01/2015 18:21 - Netherlands

Today, I had a job interview. The interviewer blatantly farted as I sat down, then she sneered, "Making yourself comfortable, I see..." FML
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tony1891 22

this is the part of the interview that you say...yes. i am flatulent in 6 different languages.

ZomBgal 12

passing the a boss


ZomBgal 12

passing the a boss

He wasn't just passing the blame, he also was passing gas...

Which doesn't make any sense. Two people in a room, one farts. Both know who farted!

#68 you're totally missing the point .

at least he/she some weird sence of humor, instead of having a massive stick in his/her butt.

Must...resist...argh!...can't...stop! It's SENSE not sence!

Ikashy73 14

There is also a "has" missing, but oh well.

Maybe if she did have a massive stick up her butt she wouldn't have farted.

It also blantantly says SHE so no need for the he/she

tony1891 22

this is the part of the interview that you say...yes. i am flatulent in 6 different languages.

That's how you blow the competition away.

That is the single greatest pun I have ever read.

Thought your avatar was the most interesting man in the world... that would've only made it better.

ApparentlyNotEno 28

Or: "Yes, in addition to what's on my CV, I'm also a practising ventriloquist."

That one way to loose all of your employees...

I feel like I need to clarify, I mean if said employer did that to all employees he'd seem like, well to put it in simple terms, massive fucktard.

I believe it's "Tharr she blows". Then followed by a possible "Arrgh"

You are 21 years old and still haven't figured out that "their" is possessive" and "there" isn't? How is that even possible? Let me give you an example: They're going to their house over there. Make sense? No?? Fuck.

Hey, Doc, I thought you just hadn't gotten around to deleting that part in your profile where you say you're out, but then you added the FML blog thing, so I see that's not the case. What's the deal with that?

Holy shit it was just a joke no need to be a dick about someone's grammar. You must be really fun at parties oh you see that I spelt parties right.

What's with the run-on sentences? Haven't you learned how to use proper punctuation either?

Calm down. They corrected a single word (admittedly, it was corrected twice, to two different things). Big deal.

juststephhere 23

Maybe she was just trying to lighten the atmosphere? Even if it did quite the opposite.

Nothing else to do than laugh it off :)