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By anythingjean - 25/05/2009 21:46 - Canada

Today, I saw a cute guy on the bus. I smiled at him and he smiled back. After a couple of stops, he got off the bus. He bumped into me, turned around, apologized, and winked. I stood there feeling good about myself. Then I realized he stole my wallet. FML
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Look on the bright side. If he uses your credit cards, you can meet up with him when he's arrested.

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carry a purse it's helpful and people can't steal your stuff with out going in your purse

Generally thieves won't care much stealing out of purses... And if they are good you won't notice that either.

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bahaha no kidding. he better be totally sexy if he stole ur wallet

that totally sux...but its funny FYL he played the shit outta u

haha your so right :L ever hear when peaople say i jamp? as past tense of jump

lol that sucks for you ( If I hadn't stopped to read it I would have been first XD )

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The cute ones are always up to no good!

There was something like this before. Someone was feeling his ass and right before he was about to step on the guys foot the bus stopped and the guy walked out and he didn't realize until a couple stops later that the guy was stealing his wallet.

FYL, but i was about to say YDI only because you used the word proceed.