By Awkward - 19/7/2012 02:15 - United States - Los Angeles
  Today, I sat awkwardly and pretended like I didn't notice my cousin discreetly trying to masturbate while talking to me. This isn't the first time anything like this has happened. FML
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  downtime  |  12

45, I agree, if this is a small child then they probably don't know any better, if it's an adult then it becomes a completely different scenario. I imagined it as a small child, which is awkward but they are doing nothing wrong. They just need to be spoken to, and I'd suggest the parent would be the one to do the talking in this situation.

Interesting though that everyone assumes it's a male cousin. I'd have thought it'd be easier for a female to discreetly masturbate than a guy, it's much bulkier and the movement is much greater...

  FrenchToast94  |  0

45: I agree I'd I understood the ages it would be a lot easier to judge, I pictured it as like 13-17
And that makes it even more awkward. And like everyone else said call them out on it, make them feel embarrassed, thats always a boner kill!

  Peachy2392  |  26

It's also worth taking into consideration that if the cousin in question is an adult, he or she may have special needs and doesn't fully comprehend that what they're doing is inappropriate.

  brackaman  |  18

It could've been op's room. Shouldn't leave, just say something like “you know there's vaseline on the dresser there that'd make what you're doing easier.”

  MissMae93  |  23

72 - that's the point! Make it ridiculously awkward for them and known to the family, guaranteed they would never do it again. Plus, now everyone knows how sick and twisted the cousin is.

  TrueTriage  |  16

California is more civilized than Texas and Alabama. They just have the gay capital of the world. To quote tosh, "More butt fucking per square foot than anywhere else in the world. San Francisco"

  bstudds  |  1

Have you ever been to either of these states? The city I'm from in Alabama has more Phd's per capita than any other city in the US! I'm sure you made this comment right after you rolled off your sister and thanked her for such a good time, eh? ;)

  ashra_Raivyn  |  2

I live in Texas and people are shunned for that sort of thing. It's just plain nasty as shit! We don't inbreed in Texas we breed animals like dogs not everyone owns a farm either! I hate stereotypes >.<

  MarisaCB  |  16

86, considering your username is "southernpride" no wonder you're sticking up for Alabama & Texas. But you can't say that one stereotype is so wrong and silly, while another is dead on. That looks ridiculous.
Plus your picture is a confederate flag... ugh.

  MissMae93  |  23

86 - You're like the epitome of a southern jackass. "Oh well if it's negative to where I live, it's WRONG, anywhere else though it's DEAD ON". Nope, not really.

By  Dracoboxer357  |  35

Certainly time to put an end to that, Op.
Please call him/her out on this, discreetly if possible, loud and proud if necessary, but this isn't the first time and he/she doesn't seem to care enough not to embarrass you or himself/herself, so nip it in the bud.
Good luck. :P

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

^ I had a bad thought and wanted to add on:
Op, are you quite young? And is your cousin purposely trying to get you to "accidentally notice him/her and comment on it?"
If so, Tell Someone, as you are being sexually harassed by a family member, and that isn't acceptable no matter what your or your cousin's genders are. There's no shame in talking about it as you haven't done anything wrong and it's not your fault.
I don't know your age or situation and maybe I'm over reacting, but it occurred to me that perhaps you're afraid to talk to someone about it, hence why it's continuing on from more than once before. And if I'm right and you don't make this known, I fear it may escalate to something even less discreet. :(
Hope I've got it all wrong, Op. Best of luck.

  MagicGiraffe  |  12

As far as I know a female probably wouldn't jab the urges to masturbate so badly that they would need to do it in front of the cousin.
Also, males probably whack it louder.

  downtime  |  12

For a community of people who often poorly reference karma at every available moment it seems odd that there is so much support for behaviour designed to humiliate, hurt or embarrass others who you deem to be doing something inappropriate. These actions should be reserved for a last course of action if nothing else has worked, not as a first step.

FYL OP, but we need more information here.


I said so. It would be idiotic to assume for it to be a girl given the fact that it's easier for a girl to go unnoticed playing dj hero with her vag compared to a dude rubbing one out.