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Today, I had my buddies over for a few beers and, trying to be cool, I told my wife to get out of the living room and back in the kitchen. I felt smug, right up until she said, "Why? Your mom doesn't need to be turned over for another 20 minutes, dick." FML
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He doesn't deserve it. The man brings home the bacon. She should be slapped.

why are you trying to be cool op? you have a wife and she's the only person you have to prove anything to, and you already ****** that up asshole.

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It was a joke and she burned him back. no one is an asshole it's just a joke jesus

I voted for this to be on here and I agree with number 1

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you sir are a moron... and not coooool

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holy shit I love you for saying that. great timing and great execution.

'JennaMason' your picture is of Jenna Marie. In case you guys don't know she is a site model. She is gorg and my friends know her in real life. I would advise changing your picture quickly.

haha I hope it's not actually 205.. grease

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That's your idea of gorgeous? I sure beg to differ, unless it's just a bad pic.

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#244, If the picture isn't copyrighted in any shape or form, they she/he can use it. If it is however copyrighted in her name, then she can get in trouble.

I think she is very pretty! From what I hear she is a charming girl. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think it's actually her account.

268: Really? Hmmm...I didn't know that! Well I wouldn't know if she copyrighted her pictures hahaha :)

All pictures are copyright as soon as they're taken. That's sort of the point.

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he definetly doesnt deserve it, she shouldnta left the kitchen in the first place, did she think she has rites or somethin?

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no copyright violation unless property is used for profit or gain.

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Everyone who said JennaManson's profile picture is really Jenna Marie is a dumbass. If you didn't jump to conclusions like an idiot you would realize her profile says her name is Jenna "MARIE" Manson. Next time don't be a little bitch. It doesn't matter if my profile picture is of me or someone else. I can set mine as a random cat if I wanted to. FAGGOTS.

#272: I'm using a picture from a comic that isn't mine. so if that person is a fan and wishes to be her, without ruining her name, it's all good.

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she does look pretty but her arms seem to start small and get bigger either bad picture or touch upp

You are all wrong on this copyright stuff. Comics are different then people. If you are pretending to be someone else that is real then you are breaking the law. Even if you are not scamming anyone you cannot legally pretend to be someone under any circumstance. Aliases are a different subject but since that user is in fact using someones photo then they could be prosecuted in the full extent of the law.

Per US law, a work is copyrighted at the moment of completion. Registration of copyright increases your legal position. The (c) symbol is a courtesy. But unless the creator specifically grants permission, use is illegal. Don't bitch to me, I'm just the messenger.

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the person is claiming to be her. it says on her profile Jenna Marie mason

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My thought exactly. She obviously didn't whip him enough.

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I bet the people who said his life sucks are mostly men

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embarrassed . and YDI for trying to be cool wtf is this high school?

yepp. Really, trying to be cool? XD I'm female and not even angry because "you're a jerkfor being chauvinistic". But you really failed. Trying to make fun of your wife while she totally owned you. Haha!

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Thank you for your post because I totally agree on this one :P. Come on OP, trying to be cool?

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serious who "tries to be cool" after middle school. auto ydi. maybe if OP had said "jokingly told my wife to..."

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and YDI for liking Justin beiber retard

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dont you EVER mix cleverbot with justin bieber.

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agreed. If op is still trying to "be cool" he should go back to high school. his wife can stay though

asshole. did you really think you'd get sympathy by posting this?

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Agree, this guy is such an asshole!

Yep, no sympathy. It is still really annoying when my bf puts me down to look cool in front of his lame friends. For those of you saying, "omg, it's just a joke!"... Well the wife also had a clever reply. No harm, right?

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yes, 108, belittling people to "look cool" in front of friends is always acceptable. I agree wholeheartedly...

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lol I doubt this homeboy was posting his shit on fmylife in this form for sympathy lol people these dad gosh

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I agree with you. A man should not put his woman down just to look kool. That's not even being a real man, I'd dump him immediately.

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op's a motherfucking bro. fistbumps to you

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It dOesnt matter why he said it, its really offesive and he ua lucky he didnt get slapped or something !!!

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sure. both are jokes and it's fine, cool it.

shutup fatty. ur a real hard ass calling people assholes over the internet. go get laid

Are you that thick, 108? He wasn't trying to tell a joke, he was trying to sound super-macho and cool in front of his buddies (which, by the way, translates as a douchebag.) I think he posted it because he knew he had been a total dick, and wanted to point out this epic fail. His wife wins, by the way.

Your wife is a genius, amazing comeback. :D YDI for trying to be "cool" by putting down your wife in front of your buddies. You don't look cool, you look like a douche. :/

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I personally don't understand the "come back" but I am glad that the wife spoke up and didn't accept her husband being disrespectful.

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I didn't get it at first either, but I reread it and it sounds like a fat joke. Like his mom is a pig or a cow. I'm just guessing though.

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@ sourgirl101: He told her to get back in the kitchen and she responded with the quip about turning his mother so I'm guessing she was implying that she was cooking his mother. Not sure but that's how I interpreted it.

After I read your comment, I figured it was like a 'your mom' joke. 'Your mom is so fat it takes twenty minutes for one side of her to get cooked properly.' But you know, that's just how I interpreted it.

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230- And this is why you'll never have a girlfriend.

lol number 235, win. Obviously 230 didn't understand the 'trying to be cool' part of the FML.

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no.he was making a sexcist joke.not asking her to leave the room.just trying to seem funny.

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thanks for explaining I was confused! but good for her!!

Pahahah. Maybe YOU should be in the kitchen, seeing as you'll never have a wife!

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he did not ******* deserve it you ******* bitch, all he did was nicely ask his wife to leave the room and she turned psycho bitch on him

Uhhhhhhm you need to calm the **** down 226, he totally did deserve it for being a little hitch and trying to impress his friends by putting his woman down and she put his bitch ass in his place. It was well deserved, sooooooo shut the **** up.

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*whispers* I think there's sonething wrong with Gabe.... :/

He likes Avenged Sevenfold. That's what's wrong with him.

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OP you are an asshole who doesnt deserve a wife, go die :)

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really? go die? all because he tried to make a joke about his wife? that's stupid.

haha xD yeah I mean the guys an asshole but go die? really?

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Little much dont you think? To tell someone to die is the worst thing you can say to someone.

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There are things far worse than death.

You know that makes you a complete asswipe to be a smooth, sexist jerk, OP. You ******* deserved it. Asswipe.

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Are you going to cry, 11? What is the big deal anyways?

look everyone! it's Antoine Dodsons brother! shutup hoodrat.