By bbcgj - 04/07/2015 09:30 - Sweden - Uppsala

Today, my internet was so slow I couldn't even load an internet speed test to see how slow my internet was. FML
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maggiefox 25

Sounds like we have the same internet provider...


patwo8 14

That sucks. Did you try resetting it?

maggiefox 25

Sounds like we have the same internet provider...

ber4fun 23

Is it Verizon? I have the same problem with them.

I'm thinking OP could be using their phone data

Then again, FML isn't a very data heavy website...

OP actually tried posting this three and a half years ago and it just finally went through. OP just has the patience of a saint.

#24 mobile data can still be used to load just about any website, plus there is an FML mobile app..

How long did you type this fml for?

typing doesn't need internet... submitting does.

Did you turning it off and again.

football98_fml 20

Check and see what programs you have that are connected to the internet, and block access to the unimportant ones. Also, run a virus scan incase that is the issue. Another thing you could try is if you are using wifi, try using a cable.

FML is no place for your realistic and helpful advice.

Quiet, peasant. I am allowed to be nice occasionally.

Dude, I tried being nice once and it backfired horribly. As I general rule, I try to be a jerk.

LMAO @ "peasant" :). Right on point on troubleshooting. I sometimes see this at work and half the time its either crap that's taking up disk space or corrupted programs. If OP is sharing their Internet access I would see if someone is downloading something big, check for malware, reset router...

EDIT: Didn't mean to hit validate. Didn't sound like an actual suggestion

#22. I alternate between being nice and being a jerk. Keeps people on their toes, and adds to the air of mysteriousness around me.

Reminds me of the good old dial up days xD

But fast enough to post an FML? #thirdworldproblems

Considering what is regularly posted here, this does not even deserve to be on the site...

Pain and misery is subjective to experience... If the absolute worst thing that you have ever experienced is somebody giving you a dirty look, that experience could be psychologically equal in devastation to somebody who has lived a very unfortunate life and then go bankrupt.. All emotional turmoil comes down to is chemical releases in the brain therefore the stimulus can be extremely variant while the effects are the same...

RedPillSucks 31

and this is a humor site. no need to post "today, I watch my mom get raped and my dad shot as militia men ravaged our village and took me as a child sex slave for their army, FML"