By mom - 06/12/2012 19:23 - Netherlands - Utrecht

Today, I was visiting my daughter, whose husband was still asleep at noon. I made a point of stomping around on the hardwood floor and speaking loudly to wake his lazy ass up. Turns out he's now working a 14-hour graveyard shift, and it has no negative effect on his shoe-throwing skills. FML
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godhelpusall111 12

What the hell did you do that for?


godhelpusall111 12

What the hell did you do that for?

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crazytwinsmom 25

She could have asked the daughter, instead of just assuming and being obnoxious.

She did it because she didn't want to change any of the stereotypes we have about inlaws.

BeforeItWasCool 12

21- Still very rude. If he had simply being lazy, the guy's a grown man, it's not of OP's business. No need to interfere like that OP!

Im sure a simple "Will your husband be getting up soon? Its almost noon." Would have worked 10x better.

dhenri 9

Either way, she was in his house, she shouldn't have been rude to him in his own house.

OP is passive-aggressiveness at its worst.

b_rad_fml 4

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If I was the husband I probably would have done a lot more than just throw a shoe lol.. Nothing drastic, simply and calmly say "please get the **** out of my house.. If you're going to be this rude , obnoxious and intrusive .. You can stay away permanently"

I used to work shifts that were 14+ hrs because I had two jobs. I would have been homicidal. She's lucky she only got the shoe.

Grauncho 27

Not **** your life, just **** you.

OP, you sound like you act like a typical mother in law. Always thinking the worst. Why?!

Who goes to visit people before noon anyways?

47- it's one thing to have a rude person, but when their ass is rude too, it's too much.

I've dealt with some rude asses in my life. Stinky, too.

This is what you get for not only making dumb assumptions, but also making other people's living habits your business. YDI


Bitch mother-in-law being a bitch. You have no damned right to call the man your daughter has chosen to spend her life with a "lazy ass." Get ******.

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Asexuals, children, and inmates in prison.

pretty sure inmates in prison want to get ******. just not by other inmates....well majority.

LemonLolly 10

You should have waited till he was up to ask him, not acted like a total bitch

jojimugo 20

Actually I don't think she has a right to ask a grown man in his house why he is sleeping in

See what happens when you're a ass. He put a foot in your mouth for you.

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