Vicious circle

By Anonymous - 18/01/2023 13:00 - United States - Riverside

Today, just like every other night, I can't sleep. even after taking prescription sleep medication, all because my anxiety won't let me sleep. Why do I have anxiety? Because I don't sleep. FML
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Sorry I don’t know the real difference between being a man and explaining something and being a woman and explaining something… Not everyone knows the difference between psychologist and psychiatrist - They reach for a very different tool set. I have dealt with both as a patient… Surprisingly until diagnosed, you can have “restlessness leg syndrome” and not be aware of it. That was my case - And it can interrupt your sleep…. By the way, I assume OP has a problem sleeping, as they stated. I assume they don’t want to have that problem, as they stated. I have personally been through a similar sleeping problem. My hope is that my own experiences might be useful. I am sorry if that is boring.