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By Lamediseased - 29/09/2016 15:07 - Mexico - Mexico

Today, I got diagnosed with Lyme disease. My whole family thought it would be hilarious to call it, "Lame disease." FML
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That's a lame joke. Hope you get better soon.

Some families make me question humanity...

I'm not gonna lie, that is pretty funny! Lighten up, your family is only trying to make a joke :)

Would you think it funny if the OP had cancer and their family was making a joke of it? You should never joke about someone having a disease, especially not on the day they find out about it.

"Lighten up"? Lymes is ******* awful. Hopefully OP is one of the lucky few that caught it soon enough, and where the treatment actually works. Otherwise, it quickly becomes resistent to treatment, and progresses into something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. OP is going to need the support of their family. Treatment (months of a potent antibiotic) can make you really ******* sick, too. But I guess because it's not chemo, and silly Lymes disease, OP needs to lighten up, eh?

I guess I was a little insensitive in my above comment! My apologies to OP and anyone else I may have offended. Get well soon!

*hugs* to you OP. Lymes is a bitch. Hopefully they caught it early. You're fortunate to have a doctor that caught it at all. I've got it. It took 15 (+?) years, countless doctors and specialists, and thousands of dollars for anyone to even suggest running a blood test on me. And unfortunately, that scenario is quite common. Whether you have a new infection, or chronic Lymes, please reach out for support. (Online if nothing else) Best to you!

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They're probably just trying to make you feel better through humor. If it really bothers you, definitely tell them. Hope you're doing okay though!

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Congratulations on having a creative and witty family! Of course, being a little bit supportive might be nice, too.