By Mr_Jah - United States - Boerne
Today, I got offered a free $80 salon haircut by a girl I've liked for awhile. Thinking this was my chance to get close to her, I accepted, only to find out it was for a class her boyfriend was teaching. He was the one cutting my hair. FML
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  xkbz510  |  13

I had a similiar case where I liked a girl. And yes I did get to know her, however I never thought she had a boyfriend. She didn't really pry it into my face or make it seem like she had one. So its possible not to see it coming.

  BoxFullOfLazy  |  25

A normal cut with beard trim costs me $33 including tip. Most I've ever paid was around $55, which included shampoo, styling, etc, and I gave a more generous tip bc it was around Christmas. Not gonna pay $80 on the regular. I'll cut it myself if it comes to that.

By  HeartYou101  |  31

Not being rude, but she has a boyfriend - Forget about it and move on.
Plus $80 (which is like €72) for a haircut?!! Your's must be super long or it's a very fancy place! My mother is a hairdresser and charges €10 (about $17) for a wash, cut and blowdry!

  HeartYou101  |  31

#16 #36 she works from home by herself so she charges whatever she likes, not too expensive though because she does hairs of people who have been going to her the past 20 years!
In a salon here it can be between €10-€40 depending on where you go to get it done and the length.
I've only started paying for hairdressers when I moved away from home, so it was a shock to the system!

By  Mynamewontfi  |  40

I'll never understand expensive haircuts, but maybe that's more because my hair grows really fast. Anyway, you got it for free! And if you liked her for a while, how did you not know she was in a relationship?


well, you get pampered, this place I go to. the washroom is actually a bed length ben with pillows so you're laying down when they wash your hair. you get a great scalp massage, and they use great products. they also have a small drinks and snack menu for while you're waiting, and then they log in the cut that's been made and the coloring mix they used. if you don't color it's only 40€