By Bacon0426 - 04/07/2016 21:03 - United States - Skaneateles

Today, in honor of America's birthday, my 50-year-old father decided to light off homemade bombs without telling anyone. The screams of me and my family members were louder than the bombs. FML
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just be glad you still have a house. I am guessing he was to cheap to buy normal fireworks.


The Central Park accident was supposedly caused by a homemade bomb, right?

just be glad you still have a house. I am guessing he was to cheap to buy normal fireworks.

dietcoke09 25

Funny story- once my grandfather decided to put a grenade next to a firework (the one that just shot up in the air and popped silver flares). Anyways, the grenade went off and the firework fell over and burned me on my butt. (I was 10 maybe??) Surprisingly this happened in the south. Who would have guessed. I stay in on the 4th now. Try to not let it ruin your future independence days!

I'd like to know how your grandpa got ahold of a live grenade

I'm skeptical that it was a real grenade. There isn't really any way to get them unless you somehow steal them from the military or maybe smuggle them in, but that's a stretch. Also the fragmentation would have enough range to seriously injure you if you were close enough for the firework to hit you.

If you were close enough the firework could burn you the grenade fragments would have killed you

I don't see how this is a funny story. Getting burned by a firework is awful and can leave scars, and I'm not sure how your grandpa could get ahold of a grenade. Those explode powerfully and wouldn't just knock the firework over but more or less fling it somewhere else as well as damage other objects nearby. I find this story as truthful as a tumblr story. Sorry you stay indoors and were injured.

I think it must have been one of those paper grenades that you get at a fireworks stand. Kinda like the paper tanks. It went off first and knocked over the fountain firework, which then shot out and burned her. Either way, not a funny story. I've had mortar wars and Roman candle fights and such since I was 8 years old. If you're so bothered by something that trivial, then yes, you probably should stay inside and let the rest of us have fun.

I can imagine your neighbours might of thought that it was a different kind of bombing. ;)

holy least they weren't quarter sticks of dynamite.

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Dads will be dads, am I right?

I like how he started with America birthday for independence day. I see genes pass down well in your family.

Well, that's what Independence Day is, in a way. People often call Philadelphia "the birth place of America" because that's where the Declaration of Independence was signed, so it makes sense that the day the Declaration of Independence was signed would be the birthday of America. And yeah, people often call Independence Day America's birthday in a tongue in cheek sort of way, which is appropriate for FML since it's a humor site.

Im guessing you mean the united states birthday. Because there is a north and south America. Since canada, mexico, and United states make up North America but july 4th means nothing to the other 2. Aaaaand just because they signed the Declaration of Independence was sign doesn't mean that that was when united states were created. Know your history.

Everyone knows what is meant when someone simply says "America." Don't be a snot. And do you even know what the significance of the Declaration of Independence is? That's when our founding fathers declared that the thirteen colonies were no longer British colonies but an independent nation. Seeing as how that event did result in the United States becoming an independent nation, there really is no better event to mark the creation of the US. Take your own advice and learn your history.