By Fmylife.25 / Friday 3 September 2010 19:56 / United States
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  iSitt  |  0

all fashion decisions are to be signed off by the women in your life. didn't you get the memo?
they're the ones who have to look at you.

  lky830  |  0

for real 3. my boyfriend had beautiful long hair and shaved it all off one night. I was upset and all, but I got over it.... cause I'm not a shallow bitch that only likes a man for his appearance. if she breaks up with you over HAIR, then you can do way better for yourself, op

By  Kyousho  |  0

i dunno which one to say, so i'll go with both
YDI for not asking your gf how she would react before doing it in the first place
FYL for dating a bitch that only likes your hair

By  Doortje  |  28

Ah don't worry, my mother said the same thing to my father (he had long hair and she loved it) and when he cut it she stayed with him anyway (she's was mad though xD) and I'm now the oldest of 4 kids ;)

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