By Fmylife.25 - 03/09/2010 19:56 - United States

Today, I got the haircut I've been wanting for ages. I then called my girlfriend of two years and asked what she would do if I got a haircut. She told me she would dump me and then invited me to her house for dinner. I'm scared to go. FML
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shortstack104 0

then dont go.. she should like u for your personality, not your haircut


Wtf... Carry a ziploc of pubes or something, if she says anything dump it everywhere. Bitch gets all the hair she wants.

iSitt 0

all fashion decisions are to be signed off by the women in your life. didn't you get the memo? they're the ones who have to look at you.

pussy grow some balls walk in and hump the bitch on the table in front of the family then dump her, you'll be the man

SapphireSympathy 7

oooh. that sucks... that is why, u always consult the girl first ;P lol. FAOL (f*** all our lives) ;)

12: ROFL THATS HILARIOUS! if your girl is gunna dump you for cutting your hair then she NEEDS to go anyway.

couldn't u have waited till after u got to her house so we could know her reaction? cause I wana know:(

I saw this one like months ago, it's in my favorites. -.-

#14 guys have to look at you to, but they don't stop being your friend because of it

Cupcakeshizz 0

you must have had lush hair :')

sheribb 5

haha awwww maybe she isn't the right girl if she would dump u because of if hair style !

crazyazzkike 0

you are so ******* whipped!!! grow a pair.

Karma495 0

xD poor guy well if she's that stupid to dump a guy over his hair cut. yea, I think u should go to ur house.

shortstack104 0

then dont go.. she should like u for your personality, not your haircut

for real 3. my boyfriend had beautiful long hair and shaved it all off one night. I was upset and all, but I got over it.... cause I'm not a shallow bitch that only likes a man for his appearance. if she breaks up with you over HAIR, then you can do way better for yourself, op

adammicdaddy 4

she's obviously a total bitch if she dumps you op! #3 ur right!

digibenho 0

im sure she wouldnt ask you if she was getting a haircut... so you didnt have to ask FYL

i dunno which one to say, so i'll go with both YDI for not asking your gf how she would react before doing it in the first place FYL for dating a bitch that only likes your hair

He doesn't even have a picture up how would you know? Seriously who are you even talking about!?

Ah don't worry, my mother said the same thing to my father (he had long hair and she loved it) and when he cut it she stayed with him anyway (she's was mad though xD) and I'm now the oldest of 4 kids ;)

sdman923 0

I'd pretend to be sick, and then go and buy a wig.

Dump her before she dumps you. Your relationship won't last anyway if all she cares about is your hair.

shadyecko 0

I can't believe you lied about the cookies......smh.