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Today, I got my very first yeast infection. Thinking she would help me, I went to my mom. Instead she began yelling about how I'm lying and it's an STD and I don't believe in the power of Jesus. FML
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The power of Christ compels you........ To clean that shit up!!

just go to a drugstore & take care of that shit yourself.


btstig 11

The power of Christ compels you........ To clean that shit up!!

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Give them a bible.? They have been confused for the last 2k years. What's another 2k?

At yeast the op knows the truth. Yaaa... No ok

dmoran20 27

Yeah, to bad he doesn't prevent some from breeding :-/

I think that in 2013, we have to stop with this old stuff like religions.

Laurenlou 24

88- Even the secular year system is based off of Jesus. It has been 2013 years since Jesus was born. BC stands for before Christ, and AD stands for some Latin phrase meaning "the time of our Lord." Just because there are a few "religious nuts" doesn't mean that anyone should condem other beliefs. You choose to not believe in any type of religion, and thats just fine, but you'd have to nuke the world to get rid of religions.

90- Unfortunately, some PC jerks made it so you can use "BCE" (before common era) and "CE". Though BC&AD should be used to respect religion even if it isn't your own (unless you want to piss them off, in which case, whatever god(s) you pray to, help you).

90, wrong there is already another term set, science uses BCE - Before Common Era and CE - Common Era. As the saying goes "If it aint broke don't fix it." the calendar "aint broke" however, religion is.

123... don't talk about what you don't know.

just go to a drugstore & take care of that shit yourself.

dmoran20 27

Still haven't figured out why you can buy a 1 day, 5 day or 7 day treatment cream... I mean seriously, who says ahhhh think I'll keep mine for 7 days even though I can clear it up in 1....

Sometimes 1 day creams are really harsh. And can cause major burning and irritation.

Gutafaerie 2

They are all made with different medicine. Not all work well for some women.

dmoran20 27

And that's what I get for asking....

The one day treatment is very concentrated and designed to stay inside the women for 7 days. It can be very harsh and irritate some. (I also believe it cost much more) Now they make a pill to clear it up. Why do a messy cream vs a pill?

VooDooCarrie91 19

They have suppositories for yeast infections. There's three, once a night and you're good. But you should go to the doctor and confirm that it's not something more serious. Good luck OP.

dmoran20 27

Today I learned a very important lesson. Some questions a better left unasked....

Yeast infection treatments are 1, 3, 5 and 7 day doses, depending on the brand. All that changes is the potency of the medication - nothing else. If you're sensitive to meds or skin cream, you probably want the 5 or 7 day kind, it's less likely to irritate. If you have a mild infection, 3 days is probably fine. Of course, if it doesn't go away, you need to go see your doctor.

56 - Because the pill kills gut yeast also, it's a last resort. You can get gas, cramping, and diarrhea on top of your itching and burning. :(

I don't think you can get the pill OTC where I live. Pretty sure you only get it after you try suppositories/cream.

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See what you brought upon yourself, #47?

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Not everyone has a car to drive to the drugstore

I suppose that she thinks that Jezus gave her a yeast infection.

dmoran20 27

Sarcasm, eluding some people for over 6k years...

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Maybe just go to your doctor next time.

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Maybe OP's mom was a **** in her high school days :-O

That's why I try and avoid those issues with my mom and go to someone who's going to be professional about it