By leovaldez - 22/6/2020 20:08

Call CPS!

Today, after years of having seasonal allergies and months of having my throat close up, my mom agreed to see a doctor, only to insult me in front of the doctor, saying I just find new ways to make their lives harder and I'm probably making it all up. FML
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By  Douglas E Thompson Jr  |  5

Throw your mom away

By  Douglas E Thompson Jr  |  5

Throw your mom away

By  RichardPencil  |  30

If your throat has been closing up for months and you're alive to tell about it, that looks pretty suspicious.

Getting attention was the main reason for this ruse -- making your family's life harder was just a bonus.

By  awildwhisper  |  30

Well thankfully a doctor can give you an allergy test as well as tell from visual signs (like seeing your throat and eyes) and easily see that you are not making it up. Take solace in that your mother probably looked ridiculous ranting to the doctor like a mad person about their clearly ill child.

By  MorganHex  |  25

OP I'm not sure how old you are but I would be looking into getting help. Like call CPS if you mom/ parents aren't willing to get you the medical help you need.