By quickit - 05/12/2014 17:14 - United States - Rochester

Today, at the fast food joint I work at, I had to climb into the children's play area and chase out two horny teens who thought it was an appropriate place to stick their hands down each other's pants and fool around. I don't get paid enough for this shit. FML
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quickit tells us more.

Hey you guys it's OP. Reading some of the comments have made me laugh a lot! But allow me to shed some light on the situation. So I was just entering into my third week of working at Mc Donald's when this happened. An old woman noticed the two teens go into the play structure and reported it to us. We have a strict policy that children over the age of twelve aren't allowed into the play place. Part of that reason is due to size. Anyways after trying to convince the kids to come out my manager told me to go up there and get them out. I could barely fit into the structure but they came out shortly after. It ended with both of them being banned from that restaurant and their parents being called to pick them up. I'm only working there part time because I am a student but I hope I don't have to do anything too crazy like this again.

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JadeWinter 16

Those damn young whipper snappers!


I didn't think my FML would get posted. I'll explain this in further detail after it's been up for a while.

And I haven't seen any other restaurant with an indoor playground

The advertisement right below this FML is a mcdonalds ad.

Chick-fil-a has indoor playgrounds as well.

JadeWinter 16

Those damn young whipper snappers!

DogeMan 14

This happens way to much with freshmen at our school I heard.... They need to grow up

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When I used to work in a fast food restaurant, I had to make an older woman leave our restroom because she had her pants at her ankles and was using our hand dryer to dry off her pubes. Most horrifying thing I have witnessed in my life!!!

Who would think that was even remotely a good idea?

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It's called a ball pool for a reason

I hope they were planning on washing their hands before eating.

Op just neglected to mention that they're the burger and fry cooks ?

hi, I'd like some pu$$y juice covered fries...

I'd much rather use my greasy french fry fingers to my advantage in horny teenage foreplay. Just sayin.

Bleach everything . Who knows what they touched afterword. Ew

Yeah guys, lets bleach a kids area /sarcasm

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32: It's pretty standard to bleach things that children play with to disinfect them. There's a certain ratio of bleach to gallons of water that I'm too lazy to look up.

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#32 and #39: 10% bleach (1:9 ratio) that is. And besides being used for disinfecting things children play with, it's also standard wide purpose disinfectant, such as in labs etc.

Seriously? It's two damn letters. Let it the **** go!

I'm shocked 10 got down voted. What do we all suggest, just to leave whatever bodily fluids are in there for all the little kids to play in? Eww. Yes, please op, tell me they thoroughly disinfected everything.

You might not be lovin it but they sure are!!

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I agree you life sucks reason being you have to work at a fast food place.

Not really. I'm just a high school student working part time bro.