By IMadeAHandicappedPersonCry - United States - Stillwater
Today, I was walking to my dorm room while it was snowing heavily. I saw a girl in a wheelchair trying to get up a slippery incline. Being a good person, I asked to help. I'm a pretty weak guy, and I couldn't push her up. She wheeled away crying because she thought she was fat. FML
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No, I'm pretty sure I read it correctly the first time. Weak guy, potentially a fat chick in a wheelchair (assumed fat yet not defined in the above statement) and a slippery hill which leaves us with a crying fat chick in a wheelchair....

By  Nicholi124  |  10

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By  charvisioku  |  22

Fuck's sake... it's icy. It's a goddamn wheelchair. She should know that they can be hard to push up icy slopes. What is it with these women on FML and their "Oh god I'm so fat" complexes lately? Honestly....

By  oj101  |  33

Aw, this is probably the saddest and most misunderstood FML :( I thought I had problems, but they seem trivial now. At least you have a good heart OP

  dmoran20  |  27

I'd explain y'all to you, but then I would have have to explain fixin, real BBQ, crawfish and a few other things that you should experience yourself. So, when your ready.. Marci Gras is waiting for u. I'll even give you a hurricane ;-)