By likearacehorse - United States - Franklin Lakes
Today, for the second time in two months, the person in the bathroom stall next to me commented on how loud I pee. This time, she made racehorse noises. I'm now too self-conscious to pee in public again. FML
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  HouseElf  |  13

This might be 1's weird way of giving advice

I get super self conscious in public bathrooms too. Especially when there's only one other person 'cos whatever happens in there, they'll know it's you.

  iRod_Touch  |  8

i'll never understand this fear girls have of peeing in public bathrooms.. lol.. girls should just be glad they don't have to deal with bathrooms as nasty as us guys :/

  DerrickJames  |  33

I had similar issues. Not seeing the person that did this to you doesn't make us any less insecure next time we go in. We fear it may happen again, as it did to OP.

  Takuya272727  |  16

#13, actually, I'm a guy and self conscious too when going to the bathroom. I've skipped if people were in there, or went to a more secluded, vacant one to do business in. I'm sure I'm not the only guy either who does. So it's not just girls.

  mb2_native  |  15

32, I'm the same way. I look at using the bathroom to be private, not people trying make conversation or something. So done did that to me before and I felt like pissing on alot of toilet paper and throwing it over to the other one but never wanted to piss on my hands haha

  sonuskos  |  6

Ahh i remember having to go to my first public restroom. A few guys were talking about how bad it stinked... Yep had to wait a bit before they left.

  billyz77  |  24

Neighing would be good, 3, although I can't figure out how OP knew it was racehorse sounds and not regular horse sounds. Clue this city boy in - don't they sound the same?

By  Suaria  |  37

Don't worry I feel the same way except when I go number 2. I can't go unless there is no one else in the bathroom.