By Fish Breath / Friday 3 June 2016 22:26 / United States - Bloomington
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By  summer4me  |  25

If you have to swallow anything living for a frat, reconsider joining. I'd rather you be alive and GDI (god damn independent) than having died from choking on a fish.

By  heirofhope  |  38

Reconsider joining. Those fish are still fish, and eating them alive is cruel. Buying them just to do that in general is cruel. It's also disgusting, as I'm fairly sure eating a live fish from the tank is unsanitary, to say the least. Frats aren't as flashy as you might think. The best ones to join are the ones with a good community, no weird rituals like that.

By  PuddinB  |  3

That's hazing. I'm pretty sure the state and school would agree to that. I suggest be a GDI but if swallowing fish is what you like then hey, knock yourself out.


He's already a twat. He sold live animals to a guy knowing they'd be killed inhumanely soon after. I'm pretty sure if he told his manager what that frat douche was planning on doing with the fish, he would've been allowed to refuse the sale.

By  Misoranomegami  |  16

Too bad you don't work for a reputable post store. I've seen stores refuse to sell fish to people because they weren't going to take care of them. I would imagine feeding them to college kids would fall under that. Even if they are considered feeder fish.

By  soullyfe  |  32

Do you really want to call those guys your brothers after they hazed you by making you swallow a fish? That they bought for that particular purpose? You should think about your options.

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