By milkymoo - Cyprus
Today, I was catching the bus to my new job. While waiting at the lights, I decided to play the staring game and ended up staring at a woman in the car next to the bus for ages, really creeping her out. It turns out she's my new boss. FML
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  chtychtybngbng  |  11

Have you ever ridden on a bus? I don't know how the buses where you live are but where I live they are completely disgusting. You'd probably catch 10 different diseases if you decided to lick the window. @OP you definitely deserved it for acting like a weirdo. What adult plays the staring game? Thanks for a good laugh though.

  mhorger  |  0

as a business owner, I'll let you know a little secret. most companies have a HR dept. or hiring manager... you usually don't meet your immediate supervisor until after you are hired.

By  GDIalex  |  11

And what's wrong with staring game? I mean, it really shows that person is somehow outstanding for you, so you just told her that she's attractive not knowing that she's your boss. I presume it's kind of a compliment