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By AshamedDaughter - 17/08/2011 07:14 - Canada

Today, my Dad and I went to McDonald's, only to have him shove two handfuls of sugar packets into the bag. He said, "If it's for free, why only take one?" To make it worse, my crush was at the till, watching what was happening. FML
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Take some sugar packets, go to your crush, and say, "I think you dropped your nametag."

Why not just get him to be your sugar daddy?


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Wow, pretty soon he'll be the one who has to get 10 fillings.

Maybe your crush will think your dad is...sweet.

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well some things in life ARE free then. Dude u gotta take advantage of this! You have hands too, dont you?

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your crush now thinks your weird because you were being selfish and not using your hands to help your dad. YDI, forever aloner.

That's embarressing.. I guess move onto someone who doesn't work at that maccas... :/


If you are using "crush" to describe a person you like or maybe interested in, nothing to worry about! All you would do is hold hands and giggle.

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Wtf is a till?

The register. :/

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So what? The crush probably won't do anything except laugh a bit. This isn't really an FML, more of a "who cares?"

87 is a retard.

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No, you just assume everyone in the world knows every word of slang. Stop being such a dick #99.

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Isn't that an advantage for op's crush because once your happily married, you won't have to invest in sugar...

Don't take it so hard. Everywhere we go my dad hunts for free samples. At Whole Foods he takes all the free granola bars, magazines, and vitamins. :/

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don't worry, your crush works at mcdicks. . . prob doesn't take much to charm him...

1. She never said that he worked at McDonalds. - 2. If he does work there then it could be that he is just there to get some money and not actually for a job. Don't jump to assumptions.

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Some kids' parents. . .

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tell me about it:/

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Yea. Parents. Taking free stuff that is put out for the sole reason to be taken. What freaks.

Nothing wrong with cheap when you can save some money

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Haha my dad used to do this when i was young at Wendy's with the Splendas! Except he wasn't a cheap ass!

Ok I understand the take-A-penny-leave-A-penny thing. But why sugar?! Unless if you're a diabetic and need splenda just in case.

Lmao, my dad does that with napkins. And my mom does it with those little ketchup things

Why not just get him to be your sugar daddy?

I think the real question is why do u have a crush on a macdonalds employee...

U write proper English good.

Coming from the person who just spelled "U" instead of properly spelling it "You"... ?

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I'm pretty sure that his comment wasn't completely serious?! It doesn't appear so.

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and using "good" instead of "well". - Konan, the Grammarian

So? Even if it wasn't.. Don't complain about something you don't do either. JS!

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Was he talking about his comment using good grammar? No he was complimenting the person who wrote the FML

I don't care! I corrected whoever it was, so get over it. You can't compliment someone on good English, grammar or whatever and not use it yourself. That's just stupid.

26, 4's comment was a joke. It was written in poor grammar on purpose. Lear humor please. Thank you.

I didn't see the joke. So I corrected.

Just stop trying.

sxe_beast 11

You're completely dense if you couldn't tell that his comment was sarcastic.

20- Why do you need to correct everyone you run in to? Nobody likes that. Then again nobody likes YOU.

Awwhh, That really hurt my feelings coming from a complete stranger.. BUT then again last time I checked I can write and correct anyone I want to. So I really don't care when anyone thinks. :)

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48, if you don't care what anyone thinks then you can shut the hell up now. :) you're a dense moron for not seeing the sarcasm in that comment. you're welcome :)

Also, I don't correct everyone I run into. As I said before, I didn't see the joke.. So I simply corrected what I did see. Simple mistake. I see it all the time on here. It's not my fault you people overreact over something "starwind" already corrected me on.

OR you can. And no, I didn't see the 'joke' in the comment. Are you going to repeat what others already said to me? If so, I will say the same thing I just said. I did not see the joke, corrected it, made a mistake, got corrected, stated my mistake, got corrected again.. now get over it.

I believe it's "You write proper English well" (:

I believe it's "You write proper English well" (:

Hey, sherry a, you have got many words spelled wrong , and even many more incomplete sentences... I can't seem to understand a comment you have posted, please try again.

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26- You're trying to have decent spelling and grammar skills? Or, should I say, English and grammar? They are two different things now, eh? Also, I do believe you meant to say that you corrected "whomever" it was. See, you corrected "him" or "her" not "she" or "he". Whenever you are confused, think of if it's "he" or "she". In that case, you use "whoever". But, if it can be replaced with "him" or "her", then that's the time to say "whomever". :)

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Why do you care so much? Tool

I totally lost track of what app I was on while I was reading the online debate above. naise.

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I love the fact that I now know that I'm not the only person from Texas that knows how to speak properly.

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You two... ruined it... with your stupidity...

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Can't tell if trolling, or just incredibly stupid...

Take some sugar packets, go to your crush, and say, "I think you dropped your nametag."

I don't think his name is Splenda.

Sweet & Low

#5 you will succeed in life if you havnt already

What's wrong with borrowing some sugar? Might as well get some ketchup too while ur there.

Lmaoo sounds like something my dad would do

hamilton.. whtup! :p

My dad does it :P he's obsessed with grabbing ketchup and relish.

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Yeah mine too lol but what's to be ashamed of? It is free people do it all the time

Sounds like Ross Geller!!! :)

If they make it free then,make them feel bad they made it free and take a shitload of it!

That's when you walk away.. Walk away and don't look back (;

just get off of the Internet already