By Anonymous - 11/04/2012 03:49 - United States - Moreland

Today, my future mother-in-law told me she thought I was severely allergic to cigarette smoke. That hasn't stopped her from chain-smoking around me for the last 3 years. FML
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Let's be honest. Who isn't allergic to cigarette smoke? Its just like pollen, except for most people the affects of the allergy are lung cancer, emphysema, and asthma.

Spray febreze on her face


Nikelopez 11

Wow that sucks :(

Dont worry OP, she was only trying to get rid of you if she was blowing it in your face..

scarface90 8

Hopefully all that chain smoking will eventually kill the bitch!! Then you can defecate on her grave...

21- you're sick! Even if you hated someone why would you want to defecate on their grave?

sinking_fish 12

24- Fertilizer? Just kidding. That's pretty shitty of him to say. Pun not... HAH, who am I kidding? Pun totally intended.

Well you have to get her back. How about you slip some sleeping pills in her food and when she wakes up shes in a nursing home in Madagascar. Revenge sweet revenge

30 - Or secretly feed her laxatives, steal her car keys, and then lock her outside the house. Enjoy.

37) i like that. How bout we put those together. We feed her both sleeping pills and laxatives and we send her to Madagascar.

22cute 17

Don't do it Op! You don't just marry the man you marry the FAMILY!

What a bitch! Sorry for ya OP : (

Sorry your mother in law wants to kill you OP.

xoconnie 8

maybe you should try to talk to her about it? Or try not to be around her as much? Second hand smoke is a killer bro!!!!!!! ya gotta do something about it!

Let's be honest. Who isn't allergic to cigarette smoke? Its just like pollen, except for most people the affects of the allergy are lung cancer, emphysema, and asthma.

QueenQuay77 10

Second hand smokes kills a person faster than the person actually smoking the cigarette. Which really sucks, because you can die from not smoking. Go figure.

Pretty sure that's not true.

TheDrifter 23

That's the official government propaganda line: That the frail non smokers are all dropping dead from our smoke. If not they'd have to admit that most respiratory cancers are not cigarette related because the rate of them in smokers is less than double that of non smokers.

42, is partially telling the truth, although I can't remember 100% of what school taught me it has something to do with the smoke that is mostly invisible to the human eye. Passive smokers inhale more of the smoke than the actual smoker does but the smoker gets all the other stuff from the cigarette itself. Passive smokers are worse off from the amount of smoke then inhale and smokers are worse off because from any of the other substances or properties of a cigarette such as tar. :)

Spray febreze on her face

btstig 11

I imagined her spraying the febreeze while maw in-law was lighting up. It would have fucked up her mustache. Haha.

it's almost human law for mother in laws to be a bitch

My mother in law ROCKS. I got super lucky and I definitely am thankful for that haha.

Thank God my boyfriend's mother is awesome.

Well that's being really considerate to the family. :-/

You should start slipping trace amounts of arsenic into her cigarettes, then innocently suggest she may be severely allergic. Or dead.

I believe arsenic in them already. The cigarette company is one step ahead.

TheDrifter 23

Yup, they're building our drug tolerances so their beloved customers survive possible chemical accidents and terrorist attacks. Thanks Rock Island Tobacco Co.

RedPillSucks 31

plus, OP would get the arsenic from the 2nd hand smoke.

Crappy mother in law. But at least she'll die from her chain smoking sooner then later to get her out of your life. Smoking is very annoying I find.

yaya1213 6

Not if it kills him 1st

mhopper 13

How classy. However, when she develops lung cancer guess the joke is really on her :)

Just make sure you're in her will.